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LED Bulb Advice

LED Bulb Advice

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LampShopOnline offer a full range of energy saving LED bulbs - you can find all the information you need to buy the right bulbs for your home or workplace in this section of our Advice Centre.

Learn more about how to solve common problems with LED bulbs, the benefits of LEDs and how to upgrade your home with LED bulbs.

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Installation and Troubleshooting

If you’re ready to upgrade your home or workplace with LED bulbs then you will find all the information you need in this section, including advice on how to solve common problems with LEDs.

In this section of our LED Advice Centre you will find information on the following questions:

We also cover the following topics here:

A Step-by-Step Guide to Installing LED Panels

How to Retrofit your Retail Store with LED Lights

Common Problems with LED Panels and How to Fix Them

How many lumens do I need?

In this section you can also read about a small retail business that switched its lighting to LEDs - Case Study: Shining the Light on Bridport’s Eco-Friendly Business

LED Guides

In this section you can learn more about LEDs, including how they compare to other types of bulbs and what makes them so energy efficient.

  • What are LED floodlights? Find out more about what LED floodlights are and why they’re a great option for lighting large outside spaces
  • What bulbs are better – LEDs or fluorescents? This infographic explores the difference between LEDs and fluorescents, comparing carbon levels, energy costs and hazardous materials.
  • Where can I learn the basics about what LEDs are? This guide answers common questions on the basics of LED lights.

We also cover the following topics in our LED Guides section:

IP Ratings for LED Lights

A Guide to LED Colour Temperatures

LEDs: The Future of Lighting

LED Survey Reveals We’ve All Got Work to Do

Financial Help for Businesses that Choose Energy Saving Lighting

Travelling in LED – How LEDs are Used on Public Transport

A Look Back at the History of LEDs

6 Reasons to Love our New All-In-One 10W LED Dimmable Downlights

The Lighting Industry Needs to do more to Educate Businesses and Consumers with Practical LED Information

LED Product Guides

How to choose the right LED Panels and the best products available

How to light your bathroom with LEDs: advice, ideas and the best bulbs to buy

LED kitchen lights: planning and fitting the right lights

The Best LED T8 tubes and how to retrofit them

LED corn lights: what they are, where to use them and how to choose the best one

How to choose LED emergency lighting: what are the options and how do they compare?

How to specify, select and purchase the correct LED downlights for your home or business

How to choose the right GU10 LEDs and the best brands available

How to choose and buy the correct LED floodlights for your home or business

How to choose and buy the correct LED high-bay or low-bay lighting

LED luminaires: what they are, the best brands and how to install them

LED filament bulbs: what are they, what types are available and how do they compare?

How the right outdoor lighting can transform your garden


Looking for advice on a fluorescent tubes instead? Visit the Fluorescent Tube section of our Advice Centre.

For design advice for lighting throughout your home or workplace check out the Lighting Design Advice section of our Advice Centre.


LampShopOnline is a specialist lighting company based in West Yorkshire. We hold vast stocks of almost every bulb and lamp from the leading manufacturers of GE, Philips, Osram, Sylvania, Crompton and Venture.

We also stock control gear and emergency lighting products from the following major brands: Tridonic, Helvar, Thorn, Mackwell, Orbik, BAG, Liteplan and Emergency Lighting Products (ELP).

If you have any questions or would like to make an order please call 0113 887 6270


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