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Our high-quality LED High bay lights are perfect for warehouse lighting. These high quality LED highbay lights are the perfect LED replacements for your old SON or metal halide lights saving you up to 62% on your energy bills. Our Bright Source Highbays comes complete with a 5-year warranty, Buy now from

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What are LED High/Low Bays?

LED High/Low Bays are specialised lighting fixtures designed for illuminating spaces with high ceilings (high bays) or lower ceilings (low bays), typically found in industrial and commercial environments. These fixtures utilise the latest LED technology to provide powerful, efficient lighting capable of covering wide areas with uniform light distribution.

LED High/Low Bays are engineered to replace traditional metal halide or fluorescent fixtures, offering superior light quality, energy efficiency, and durability. Their robust design makes them ideal for challenging environments, ensuring reliable performance under various conditions.

The Benefits of LED High/Low Bays

Energy Efficiency: They significantly reduce energy consumption, leading to lower electricity bills and a greener footprint.

Long Lifespan: With extended operational life, these fixtures decrease the need for frequent replacements, cutting down maintenance costs.

Improved Light Quality: LED High/Low Bays provide bright, clear lighting that enhances visibility and safety in work environments.

Durability: Designed to withstand harsh conditions, they are perfect for industrial settings with dust, moisture, and fluctuating temperatures.

Versatility: Available in various designs and light outputs, they can be tailored to specific needs, from warehouses to retail spaces.


Where Should LED High/Low Bays Be Used?

LED High/Low Bays are exceptionally versatile, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. High bay lights are perfect for spaces with ceilings higher than 20 feet, such as warehouses, manufacturing plants, and large retail stores, where powerful, uniform lighting is needed to ensure safety and productivity.

Low bay lights, on the other hand, are ideal for areas with ceilings 12 to 20 feet high, like workshops, garages, and commercial kitchens, providing ample light without being overwhelming. Their efficiency and quality of light also make them a preferred choice for gymnasiums, assembly areas, and exhibition halls, where comfort and visibility are paramount.

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