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Our LED Batten Fittings are the perfect energy-efficient replacement for all Fluorescent tube fittings saving you up to 58% on your energy bills. High-quality Bright Source LED Batten lights with up to 5 years warranty. Check out our different options including batten light fittings with or without LED tubes, non-corrosive IP65 fittings & even led fittings with PIR sensors included.

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What are LED Batten Fittings?

LED batten fittings are streamlined, modern lighting solutions that replace traditional fluorescent tube fixtures. These fittings are equipped with LED technology, which is renowned for its efficiency and longevity.

LED batten fittings are designed for simplicity and ease of installation, offering a sleek, contemporary look while providing high-quality, uniform lighting. Ideal for a range of settings, these light fixtures are a popular choice for those seeking a durable and energy-efficient lighting option that doesn’t compromise on brightness or light quality.

The Benefits of LED Batten Fittings

Energy Efficiency: They consume significantly less energy than traditional lighting, leading to lower utility bills.

Long Lifespan: With a longer operational life, LED batten fittings reduce the need for frequent replacements and maintenance.

Improved Lighting Quality: These fittings provide bright, consistent light across wide areas without flickering or delay.

Eco-friendly: LED technology is known for its minimal environmental impact, containing no harmful substances like mercury.

Versatile Design: Their slim, compact design makes them suitable for various spaces, blending well with modern decor.


Where Should LED Batten Fittings Be Used?

LED batten fittings are incredibly versatile, suitable for a wide array of environments, including commercial, industrial, and residential spaces. They are particularly effective in offices, schools, and retail areas where consistent and reliable light is crucial for productivity and comfort.

In industrial settings, their durability and efficiency make them ideal for lighting warehouses and manufacturing floors. Homeowners also favour them for garages, utility rooms, and kitchens for their bright, even light. Essentially, anywhere that would benefit from a modern, efficient lighting solution is perfect for LED batten fittings.

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