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Explore a diverse range of lighting solutions, including Compact Fluorescents, Halogen Light options, Starter Switches, and Infrared Lamps designed for keeping food warm in kitchens and restaurants. Our selection extends to specialist purpose lamps and tubes, from HID lamps to Blacklight blue fittings.                                      

Whether you’re lighting up your home or a commercial space, you’ll find the perfect lamp for every purpose right here at LampShopOnline!

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What To Consider When Purchasing Lighting


From efficient LED energy-saving bulbs to special-purpose fly-killer blacklights, we have you covered here at LampShopOnline. However, it can be a challenge to decide which bulb the situation calls for. 



One of the main things you should consider when purchasing is the intended environment or room you want the lighting to be in, as every situation can call for a different type of lighting. Different spaces have different lighting requirements – a kitchen needs bright, task-oriented light whereas a living room requires ambient, cosy illumination. Also, consider the IP rating of the bulbs when purchasing, as areas such as the bathroom would require more water resistance. 




Considering bulb brightness when buying new lighting is crucial, as it impacts the functionality of a space. Bulb brightness is measured in lumens, and depending on the room requirements, you will have to choose the right level to make sure you have adequate illumination. Take into consideration the wattage your bulbs will require, as typically the higher the lumens needed, the higher the wattage. Learn more here.


Energy Efficiency


Energy efficiency is also important to consider when purchasing lighting. CFL and LED bulbs consume far less electricity than traditional incandescent bulbs, resulting in lower energy bills and long-term savings. Also, CFL and LED bulbs typically have a much longer lifespan, meaning reduced replacements and labour expenses. Additionally, energy-efficient lighting reduces carbon emissions, and LED bulbs are much easier to recycle as they don’t contain harmful chemicals. 

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