Explore our comprehensive lighting accessory collection, featuring ballasts, control gear, batteries, dimmer switches, and emergency batteries. Elevate your lighting systems with essential components from renowned manufacturers like Philips. These accessories are vital for optimizing lighting efficiency, control, and emergency power backup, ensuring peak performance in various settings.

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Finding the correct lighting for your situation can be challenging, even more so with the assortment of accessories available


  • Ballast: Ballasts are devices used to regulate and control the flow of electrical current found in fluorescent and high-intensity discharge (HID) lighting systems. They serve purposes such as; starting the lamp, stabilising current, preventing flickering and humming and increasing efficiency.
  • Batteries/Emergency Batteries: Batteries are used to power domestic appliances such as watches, torches and remote controls. Emergency batteries are used within Emergency Lighting as a 3-hour light backup for commercial light fittings.  
  • Transformers: Halogen light transformers, also known as halogen transformers or low-voltage transformers are electrical devices used to power low-voltage halogen lighting systems. They are important components for; Voltage Conversion, Safety Dimming and Control, Compatibility, Energy Efficiency and Protection.
  • Ignitors & Capacitors: Light Capacitors are electrical components used in HID and metal halide lighting systems. They store electrical energy and release it in bursts to help start and stabilize the operation of these types of lamps. Ignitors, or lamp ignitors, are devices used in HID lighting systems to create a high-voltage pulse that initiates the lamp’s ignition process. They are important in high-pressure sodium (HPS) and metal halide lighting systems.
  • Extension Cables: Extension cables are designed to increase the length capable between the device and its power source. They provide portability for task lamps and work lights, allowing them to be moved around the workspace. They also can be used for backup power, in case of power outages or main power issues, with alternative power sources.
  • Gear Trays: Gear Trays are essential components in various types of lighting fixtures such as fluorescent, LED and others. They are used to house electrical components including ballasts, drivers, transformers and control gear. These components are important for regulating voltage, current and other electrical parameters to ensure the operation of the lamps/LEDs.
  • Emergency Inverter Modules: Emergency Inverter Modules also known as emergency backup modules are components important for lighting systems, as they are designed to ensure continuous illumination during power outages or emergencies. 
  • Dimmer Switches: Dimmer switches are electrical devices designed to control and adjust the brightness of electric lighting in a room or space. They can be used to; enhance mood and ambiance, increase energy efficiency and extend bulb life. As reduced light levels cause less energy to be used, it also reduces CO2 Emissions and extends LED life as they run cooler.
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