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Discover our extensive range of Light Fittings available for every room and lighting need. Whether you are looking for T8 Tube Fittings, Pendant Fittings or Wall Fittings you will find exactly what you need for your next project here. Explore our collection and upgrade your lighting experience today, don’t miss out!

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  • T8 Tube Fittings: T8 Tube Fittings are essential components for fluorescent lighting systems. These fittings are designed to house T8 Fluorescent Tubes, providing support and electrical connections. 
  • Circular Fittings: Circular Fittings are a type of lighting solution characterized by their circular design. They come in various shapes, styles and sizes and they can house LED or fluorescent bulbs. Circular Fittings are known for their even illumination, their shape allowing even light in all directions. 
  • Pendant Fittings: Pendant Fittings are characterized by hanging fixtures suspended from the ceiling, usually from a cord, chain or rod. They typically feature a single bulb, or multiple enclosed in a decorative shade. Pendants are an ideal choice for task lighting, perfect for illuminating areas such as kitchen islands, dining tables or workspaces.
  • High/Low Bays: High/Low Bays are typically used within commercial or industrial settings, such as warehouses, factories and retail spaces. High Bays are intended for heights exceeding 20 feet, and Low Bays are intended for heights ranging from 12 to 20 feet. Both High and Low bays use high-intensity bulbs such as LED or metal-halide, designed to provide bright, uniform lighting for any space they occupy. 
  • Wall Fittings: Wall fittings are designed to be attached to walls, typically walls of homes, buildings and outdoor structures, being used in a variety of environments. These fixtures are designed to withstand all types of weather conditions while providing functional and decorative light. 
  • Lampholders & Cables: Lampholders are components used to secure and connect light bulbs to the electrical wiring in fixtures. We have holders to support T8 Tubes, GU10 Lamps and more.
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