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Check out our wide range of emergency light products online. We have a wide variety of LED emergency lights including; exit signs, emergency LED bulkhead fittings, and emergency LED panels. We have something for office lighting, warehouse lighting & much more. There is also custom emergency products and emergency self-test products to reduce testing times significantly.

Welcome to LampShopOnline's range of LED Emergency Lighting, designed to guide you through any emergency scenario. Our LED Exit Signs are not only energy efficient but also boast long-lasting brightness, ensuring clear visibility. For spaces that require versatile yet robust emergency lighting, our Emergency LED Bulkhead Fittings are an ideal solution. For exceptional brightness and efficiency, our Emergency LED Panels are a sleek and efficient solution for any environment. Browse below for all your office and warehouse needs. 

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What is LED Emergency Lighting?

LED Emergency Lighting encompasses a range of lighting solutions designed to operate during power outages or situations where main lighting systems fail. These essential safety features use LED technology to provide reliable, efficient illumination, helping guide individuals to safety during emergencies.

Far superior to traditional emergency lighting options, LED emergency lights are known for their longevity, energy efficiency, and the bright, clear light they emit. They're an integral part of any building's safety measures, ensuring that exit paths are well-lit and visible during critical moments.

The Benefits of LED Emergency Lighting

Reliability: LED emergency lights offer dependable performance, which is crucial for safety during power failures.

Energy Efficiency: They consume less power, which is particularly important for battery-operated backup lighting systems, extending the duration of emergency illumination.

Long Lifespan: This reduces the need for frequent replacements, ensuring that emergency lighting systems are always ready for use.

Bright Illumination: Provides clear, visible lighting to aid in evacuation and emergency procedures.

Low Maintenance: LED lights require less maintenance compared to traditional emergency lighting, saving time and costs.


Where Should LED Emergency Lighting Be Used?

LED Emergency Lighting is vital in all types of buildings and facilities to ensure safety and compliance with health and safety regulations. They are crucial in commercial and residential buildings, including offices, shopping centres, schools, and apartment complexes, where ensuring safe evacuation paths is paramount. Industrial sites also greatly benefit from LED emergency lighting, as it helps secure worker safety in case of power outages.

Public venues like theaters, sports arenas, and concert halls, where large crowds gather, must have effective emergency lighting in place to facilitate orderly and safe evacuations. Essentially, any space that requires illumination for safe exit during emergencies or power outages should be equipped with LED emergency lighting.

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