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Check out our wide range of emergency light products online. We have a wide variety of LED emergency lights including; exit signs, emergency LED bulkhead fittings, and emergency LED panels. We have something for office lighting, warehouse lighting & much more. There is also custom emergency products and emergency self-test products to reduce testing times significantly.

Welcome to LampShopOnline's range of LED Emergency Lighting, designed to guide you through any emergency scenario. Our LED Exit Signs are not only energy efficient but also boast long-lasting brightness, ensuring clear visibility. For spaces that require versatile yet robust emergency lighting, our Emergency LED Bulkhead Fittings are an ideal solution. For exceptional brightness and efficiency, our Emergency LED Panels are a sleek and efficient solution for any environment. Browse below for all your office and warehouse needs. 

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LED Emergency Lighting - Reliable, Efficient Solutions

Emergency lighting is essential for safety in the event of a power failure. We offer a wide range of emergency lighting solutions to fit any application, including exit signs, emergency lighting units, and emergency ballasts. Our emergency lighting products are designed to meet or exceed UL, NFPA, and OSHA standards and ensure the safety of your facility. We also provide emergency lighting installation and maintenance services to ensure your emergency lighting is compliant and operational. 

What are LED Emergency Lights?

LED Emergency Lights are advanced lighting fixtures specifically engineered for emergency scenarios. These lights are strategically placed to guide individuals to safety during power outages, evacuations or any other unexpected situations. 

What are the benefits of LED Emergency Lights?

  • Reliability - LED Emergency Lights offer a dependable source of illumination when regular power sources fail. Their instant activation ensures a swift response during emergencies. 
  • Energy Efficiency - With energy-efficient LED technology, these lights consumer less power, contributing to sustainability efforts and reducing operational costs over time. 
  • Longevity - LED Lights have a longer lifespan compared to traditional lighting sources, reducing maintenance costs and providing consistent performance over an extended period.
  • Visibility - LED Emergency Lights provide clear visibility in low-light conditions, enhancing safety by guiding individuals to exits and safe zones. 
  • Versatility - Our LED Emergency Lighting Solutions include Exit Signs, Emergency Bulkhead Fittings and LED Panels, catering to diverse spaces and safety requirements. 
  • Compliance - Many LED Emergency Lights adhere to safety regulations and standards, ensuring your space is compliant with necessary guidelines. 
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