Choosing LED panels for your bedroom

Whether you’re searching for a different lighting solution for your own bedroom or you’re working on a bigger design project, LED panels are a great way to add a unique spin to any sleeping area or living space.

The bedroom is a particularly popular location for the luxury feel that LED panels can offer to your home. However, with so many different options available, it can be difficult to choose the right lighting option.

The benefits of using LED panels in the bedroom

If you’re thinking about installing LED panels in your bedroom, being aware of the benefits can help you to make the right decision and choose the best option for your needs. The range of LED panels available can seem overwhelming but the choices will allow you to create the right look and ambience for your bedroom.

Energy saving

One of the biggest benefits of using LED panels in your bedroom is that they’re energy saving so will help to reduce your energy bills. With many homeowners now looking to switch to greener energy sources, LED panels offer the perfect solution.

Long-lasting and low maintenance

LED panels offer long-lasting alternatives to traditional lighting options with lifespans of up to 50,000 hours.

In addition, LED panels are easy to install so should fit perfectly into your bedroom and, as a result, of being long-lasting, they shouldn’t come with too much ongoing maintenance either. This means you’ll be able to enjoy your LED panels without having to worry about any issues.

Easy to install

There are a number of options when it comes to installing LED panels. They can be surface mounted or suspended from the ceiling but LED panels are designed to be easy to install, whichever option you choose.

LED panels are designed to be plug and play lighting solutions so should require very little time to install and get up and running.

LED panel options available for bedroom

Aside from considering the benefits of LED panels for your bedroom, it’s also important to be aware of the range of options available too.

Panel sizes

LED panels are available in a wide selection of shapes and sizes. Whether you have a small bedroom or a larger space to fill, there are a number of options for different purposes.

600mm x 600mm LED panels make the perfect ceiling light, adding a sleek and stylish look to your bedroom. For smaller spaces and more ambient lighting, round LED panels are the perfect option.

Whatever your space and budget, there is the perfect LED panel for you.

Decorative LED panels

Decorative panels are also available and provide a great way to introduce a huge amount of light into your home as well as something a little different. Decorative LED panels are perfect for bedrooms that do not have a huge amount of natural light. They also feature a daytime, clear 3D design to help brighten up any bedroom.

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Product Wattage Colour temp Price
Powermaster LED Panels – 3D sky clouds 40w 6500k £227.96 inc VAT Buy Now

Round LED panels

If you’re looking for something a little bit smaller, a round LED panel could be perfect for you. Round LED panels are available in a range of wattages including:

  • 6w
  • 10w
  • 12w
  • 15w
  • 18w
  • 20w
  • 24w

Round LED panels can provide gentle light to any area and look perfect in a child’s bedroom if you want to create soft, ambient lighting. These LED panels are perfect whether you’re decorating your home or working on a professional project.

Dimmable LED panels

Dimmable LED panels can help to provide mood or accent lighting to your bedroom but will also offer enough brightness for you to see what you’re doing when getting dressed in the morning.

In addition, dimmable LED panels also use less energy when dimmed, offering an additional advantage of being more eco-friendly.

Range of colour temperatures

With a range of colour temperatures to choose from, you can choose warm white to create a cosy, relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom. The soft light is more calming to the mind and kinder on the eyes than many alternative lighting solutions, making it the perfect choice for your bedroom, living room or anywhere else you want to relax.

LED panel lighting can be softer and provide more ambience than a ceiling light, giving your bedroom a calmer and more relaxed feel.

How can LED panels be used in your bedroom?

LED panels can bring a unique feeling and atmosphere to any home. Bedrooms are often the preferred space for these amazing decoration ideas, as they create style elegance and class.

Decorative and ambient lighting

Smaller LED panels such as the round panels, are perfect for highlighting certain aspects of the room such as decorations or artwork. They can be set to a different brightness to the rest of the room to highlight certain areas of the room or to create a different mood at various times of the day.

LED panels can provide a warm lighting effect, making them ideal for peaceful, ambient lighting, to help you relax in the evenings before bed. If you’re looking to create a certain calming mood, LED panels provide the perfect solution.

Ceiling lights

If you want to replace your current lighting set-up or use LED panels as a more functional lighting solution, they can be installed on the ceiling either with a surface mounting kit or with a suspension kit. This is a great choice if you’re decorating several rooms and want a uniform interior design theme, or you require super-bright LED lighting.

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Product Size Wattage Colour temp Lumens
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Bright Source LED panel c/w driver 300mm x 300mm 18w 3000k,
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Dimmable Round LED panel 10 PL replacement 120mm 6w 4000k 470lm Buy Now
Bright Source LED panel c/w Driver 600mm x 300mm 24w 3000k,
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If you’re still not sure about the right lighting solution for your bedroom or would like to know more about our LED panels, you can speak to our team of experts. Contact us today.

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