A guide to 600mm x 600mm LED panels

LED panels are a popular lighting choice for both commercial and residential settings. They’re available in a range of sizes and shapes, including round, rectangular and square.

600mm x 600mm LED panels are a great choice if you’re looking for medium-sized square panels as a lighting solution. This is the most common size of LED panel usually chosen by our customers.

In this guide, you will find out more about these LED panels, including how they work and their benefits.

What are 600mm x 600mm LED panels?

LED panels are a type of lighting fixture used in a range of different settings. Using light-emitting diode technology, these panels have been designed to replace conventional fluorescent ceiling lights. LED panels not only offer great energy savings, they’re also a professional and stylish solution.

LED panels have several main components. First is the frame of the panel which is made from aluminium. The panels contain a circuit board, which LED chips are mounted to. The light guide plate sends light towards the diffuser which evenly distributes the light and helps to prevent glare. LEDs are very efficient but they do produce some heat. This is why the panels have a heat sink to help keep them cool and at a safe temperature.

600mm x 600mm LED panels are easy to install. The process is quick and simple and means you can have your new LED panels working in no time.

What are the key benefits of 600mm x 600mm LED panels?

There are a number of benefits when switching your old lighting system to LED panels.

Easy to install

Firstly, 600mm x 600mm LED panels are designed to fit existing ceiling grids which means that no specialist fitting is required. The panels are easy and simple to install, reducing the time needed for an electrician to install them on-site or for building managers to fit them.

When replacing fluorescent lights within existing ceiling grids, LED panels can be easily installed without the help of an electrician. The LED panels should slot perfectly into the existing space and fitting.

Excellent light quality

Another huge benefit of LED panels is that they provide excellent light quality. Unlike fluorescent tubes, LED panels distribute light evenly, improving the lighting in any room. Plus, the actual light produced is brighter and of a higher quality.

Energy and cost saving

LED panels save both time and energy. The lights are extremely energy efficient and do not lose as much energy as other lights. In addition, only one panel is required to replace fluorescent fittings that contain multiple tube lights. These factors can save costs over the long-term. Lowering your energy bills allows you to significantly reduce costs.

The cost of replacing LED panels when they reach the end of the lifespan is much lower as only one panel is required to replace a number of tubes within a fluorescent fitting.

Whilst LED panels cost more to replace initially, their lower energy use and long lifespan make them more cost-effective over the long-term.

Longer lasting

LED panels also last longer than alternative lighting solutions. LED lighting has much less lumen depreciation, giving it a longer life span. In addition, the panels are incredibly durable and can withstand factors such as heat and physical trauma.

In addition, LED panels continue to operate at 100% efficiency until the end of their lifespan. In contrast, fluorescent tubes begin to emit up to 40-50% less light than when new so there is a slow decline in performance as the bulb reaches the end of its life.

This means that maintenance for LED lighting is almost non-existent and the frequency with which the bulbs have to be replaced is not matched by any other lighting solution.

What are the different types of LED panels?

There are many different types of 600mm x 600mm LED panels available to buy, each offering a range of benefits.


One popular type of LED panel is a dimmable panel. This type is almost the same as halogen dimmable lights however, LED lighting offers a more modern option.

These panels are available in 600mm x 600mm and can be provided with a remote, allowing you to dim the lights from anywhere in the room. Depending on your choice of panel, you can purchase a dimmable driver.

Emergency panels

600mm x 600mm emergency LED panels are often used in offices, retail settings, hospitals and general commercial interiors. Their colour temperatures can range from 2700k to 4200k or 6400k. Emergency LED panels are useful because they can continue to work even if the main power source is unavailable.

Standard LED panels can be upgraded to be fitted with an emergency setting. They are often used in office settings to light up the path to nearby emergency exits.

What factors should I consider when choosing an LED panel?

Before choosing an LED panel, it’s important to think about a number of factors to make sure you make the right choice for your application.

Where will the lights be used?

Whether LED panels are being used in a commercial or residential setting can affect the type and size of panel that you choose. You will also need to consider the lighting requirements for the area of installation.

Do you need constant bright light or would something that can be dimmed be more suitable? Consider your existing lighting; if there is already a ceiling grid in place, 600mm x 600mm panels can be easily installed.

Lighting quality

Thinking about the quality of the panel and how much power you will need to replace fluorescent lighting is also important. Ensuring that existing lighting is matched or improved will have an impact on the space in which you install the lighting.

Before deciding to replace fluorescent tube lighting with LED panels, it’s important to understand how the features differ between the two lighting sources. Overall, LED panels provide a better quality of light for lower power consumption which makes them a more cost-effective option over the long-term.

Size of panel

The size of the LED panel you choose will largely depend on the size of your existing ceiling grid. If the previous ceiling grid has squares of 600mm x 600mm, then 600mm x 600mm panels will be the perfect fit.

Where can 600mm x 600mm LED panels be used?

LED panels are extremely versatile and, as a result, can be used in a number of settings. They are now being adopted in many homes and new builds due to the excellent lighting they provide.

LED panels are also popular in commercial settings due to their reliability and efficiency. This includes offices, hospitals, schools and warehouses, as an alternative to fluorescent tubes.

Top picks: Our best-selling 600mm x 600mm LED panels


Product Size Lumens Colour Temp Warranty
Bright Source 40w LED panel 600mm x 600mm 3600lm 4000k 3 years Buy Now
Bright Source Emergency 40w LED panel 600mm x 600mm 3600lm 6000k 3 year warranty Buy Now
Dimmable 40W LED panel c/w Tridonic Driver 600mm x 600m 3800lm 6000k 5 year warranty Buy Now
Osram Ledvance 36w LED panel 600mm x 600mm 3960lm 4000k 5 years Buy Now

If you’re looking for 600mm x 600mm LED panels for your home or business, Lamp Shop Online can help. We provide a range of LED panel lights, including dimmable and emergency panels, in a variety of shapes and sizes. For more information, contact us today.

If you are looking for 600mm x 600mm LED panels for your home and business, then Lamp Shop Online can help. We provide a range of LED panel lights, including dimmable and emergency, in a variety of shapes and sizes. For more information, contact us today.

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