A guide to surface mounted LED panels: What are they and where can they be used

While many LED panels are primarily designed to be used in existing ceiling grids, they can also be surface mounted to ceilings too. There are a range of sizes available to suit both residential lighting and commercial spaces which are seeking energy-saving, long-life lighting.

This guide will explain how surface-mounted panels work, installation and the various benefits.

What are surface mounted LED panels?

Surface mounted LED panels are designed to sit on top of a flat ceiling surface, rather than being installed in a recessed position. There are a variety of sizes available, with most surface mounted LED panels available in square or rectangular shapes.

At LampShopOnline, we stock popular sizes such as:

  • 300x300mm
  • 600mmx600mm
  • 1200mmx300mm
  • 1200mmx600mm

How do surface mounted LED panels work?

Surface mounted LED panels are ideal for installations where there is very little space between structural fixed ceilings and the actual dropdown ceiling, or if the lights need to be installed on a suspended ceiling.

Installing surface mounted panels is quick and straightforward, with surface mounting kits and suspension kits available to create a sleek and modern look. Suspension kits allow panels to be suspended from the ceiling, for those who do not want a flush finish.

How are surface mounted LED panels commonly used?

Surface mountable LED panels are widely used in a variety of residential and commercial applications.

Within businesses, these light panels are a popular option for office lighting, warehouses, supermarkets, bars, restaurants, reception rooms and schools. However, the sleek, modern style is also popular in residential renovation projects, where homeowners choose to install them within kitchens, bathrooms and corridors to create bright interior space.

The benefits of surface mounted LED light panels

Surface mounted LED panels offer a wide number of benefits to the locations they’re installed within:

Versatile lighting solution

Surface mounting LED panels that would otherwise be recessed within a ceiling grid, to be used as a stylish lighting solution within residential homes as well as commercial spaces.

Surface mounted and suspended LED panels are the perfect lighting solution for kitchens, utility rooms, toilets and garages. The slimline panels will blend into any décor perfectly.

In addition, these panels are commonly used in schools, offices and hospitals where recessed fitting is not always possible. LED panels offer a wide range of options so there is something for every setting and environment.

Lower ongoing costs

Replacing fluorescent tubes with surface mounted LED panels is a quick and simple way to reduce your energy costs. LED panels also provide improved efficiency, lower maintenance requirements and a brighter environment. There is no compromise in style, with slimline panels offering high-quality, modern lighting which is perfectly suited to contemporary environments.

As well as ongoing energy costs, replacement and disposal costs are also reduced over the lifetime of the LED panels.

Brighter, more efficient lighting

With fluorescent fittings, roughly 40% of the available light is lost into the actual light fixture. However, LED panels are designed to offer a wide beam angle, resulting in a brighter light which uses less energy.

Easy installation

Surface mounted LED panels are designed to be as simple and as cost-effective to install as possible, making it easy to switch from traditional lighting.

Top picks: our LED panel surface mounting kits

We aim to provide our customers with a range of LED panel options, so that you can find the ideal panel and fixing kit for your project. The following are some of our popular LED light panels and installation kits.


Product Size Colour
Surface Mounting Kit for LED Panels 1200mmx300mm White Buy Now
Surface Mounting Kit for LED Panels 1200mmx600mm White Buy Now
Surface Mounting Kit for LED Panels 300mmx300mm White Buy Now
Surface Mounting Kit for LED Panels 600mmx300mm White Buy Now
Suspension Kit for LED Panels 600mmx600mm N/A Buy Now
Suspension Kit for LED Panels 1200mmx600/300mm N/A Buy Now

Top picks: Our best-selling surface mountable LED panels


Product Size Wattage Colour Temp Lumens Warranty
Dimmable LED Panel c/w Tridonic Driver 600mmx600mm 40w 6000k 3800lm 5 years Buy Now
Dimmable Bright Source LED Panel 1200mmx600mm 72w 3000k,
6600lm 5 years Buy Now
Bright Source LED Panel c/w Driver 300mmx300mm 18w 3000k,
1260lm 5 years Buy Now

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