A guide to recessed LED panels

With such a wide variety of LED panels to choose from it’s important to be aware of the options available to you and how they work. Recessed LED panels are suitable for a range of different buildings, rooms, workspaces as well as being energy-efficient, stylish and versatile. Recessed LED panels are particularly popular in commercial buildings and their benefits are making them a popular lighting choice for homes too.

What are recessed LED panels?

Recessed LED panels are an innovative and increasing popular alternative to traditional fluorescent tube lighting. They can be recessed into plasterboard ceilings or tiled ceilings to eliminate the need for additional hardware. This gives them a sleek, minimalist and modern look and allows them to delivery clean, sharp and efficient lighting in a range of different colour temperatures.

Types of recessed LED panel

There are a number of recessed LED panels available, making LED panels suitable for a huge number of purposes.


LED panels are available in a wide range of sixes including:

  • 300mmx300mm
  • 600mmx600mm
  • 1200mmx600mm
  • 1200mmx300mm
  • 600mmx300mm

All of these panels work brilliantly in large, open-plan spaces. Round LED light panels are also available.

Decorative panels

For spaces without any sources of natural light, such as loft conversions or meeting rooms, decorative panels are a great option. These provide bright light that mimics natural daylight and feature attractive blue sky and cloud designs to create some peaceful ambience in what would otherwise be dark and dull spaces.

Colour temperature choice

There is a range of colour temperatures to choose from when selecting recessed LED panels to help you achieve the perfect ambience for every space. With LEDs, colour temperature is measured in Kelvin (K). We recommend the following Kelvin temperatures for different spaces:

  • 3000k (warm white) – bedrooms, living rooms and other intimate spaces in the home
  • 4000k (cool white) – home offices, workspaces and kitchens
  • 6000k (daylight) – commercial workspaces such as offices and hospitals

Dimmable panel lights

If you’re choosing lighting for a multifunctional space, dimmable LED panels are a fantastic option to help you tailor brightness according to time of day or use of a space. Dimmable lights can be operated via wall control panels and it is possible to control panels both singularly and as a group, a feature which is helpful in commercial buildings.

Emergency LED panels

Emergency lighting is often vital for commercial buildings, and there are plenty of recessed emergency LED panels to choose from. These feature LED emergency indicators and contain batteries in order to remain lit in the event of a fire if the fire service needs to cut the power to the building. This allows the building’s occupants to leave safely.

Benefits of recessed LED panels

Recessed LED panels provide a fantastic way to inject some light into dark spaces without adding bulky hardware. They are also becoming increasingly popular for home interiors because they create the illusion of more space. Unlike traditional lighting solutions, they sit flush with the ceiling which creates a sense of a higher, more spacious room.

Other benefits include:

Bright light source

Recessed LED panels provide a sharp, bright source of light which can make a space seem brighter and airier than traditional lighting options such as fluorescent tube lighting.


Recessed LED panels are also extremely versatile, making it easier to add light exactly where it’s needed in order to help you design a practical space. For example, in large, open-plan spaces such as kitchens with dining and sitting areas, recessed LED panels can make it easier to focus light where it is needed most, such as in the food preparation area, while light in other areas remains softer and more ambient.

Energy efficient

Recessed LED panels are also a popular choice for offices and commercial buildings where, until recently, fluorescent lighting has been the norm. Compared to fluorescent lights, LED panels are between 75% and 85% more energy efficient. Plus, there are fewer tube replacement costs to consider when choosing LED panels over fluorescent lighting. Not only that, but up to 40% of the light from fluorescent tubes is lost in the light fittings, while LED panels deliver almost 100% usable light thanks to their wider beam angle.

Key applications for recessed LED panels

LED panels are suitable for a number of different applications including:


LED panels are ideal for use in offices thanks to their low running costs and ability to provide clean, sharp light. They offer easy installation in tiled ceilings which are common in commercial buildings, and once fitted they are low maintenance and cheap to run.


Bright, reliable lighting is essential in hospitals and LED panel lighting is a cost-effective solution. LEDs deliver crisp, cool and steady light, unlike fluorescent tubes which often flicker and tend to provide dull, yellow light. Plus, since LED panels are so energy-efficient and economical, they are an inexpensive solutions for lighting that operates 24/7.


LED panels are becoming increasingly popular in homes, primarily because their minimal, elegant appearance makes them a stylish choice for modern interiors. They are particularly popular for use in kitchens, but they’re also ideal for small areas without windows because they inject a much-needed dose of bright light while creating the illusion of more space.

Top picks: Our best-selling recessed LED panels


Product Size Colour Temp Lifespan Warranty Price
DALI Dimmable 40w LED Panel 600mmx600mm 4000k 30,000 hours 3 years £18.98 Buy Now
Dimmable Bright Source 40w LED Panel 600mmx600mm 3000k, 4000k, 6000k 35,000 hours 3 years £71.99 Buy Now
Bright Source 72w LED Panel 1200mmx600mm 3000k, 4000k 50,000 hours 3 years £68.80 Buy Now
Bright Source Emergency 72w LED Panel 1200mmx600mm 4000k 50,000 hours 3 years £98.40 Buy Now
Bright Source 40w LED Panel c/w Driver 1200mmx300mm 3000k, 4000k, 6000k 50,000 hours 5 years £34.76 Buy Now
Dimmable Bright Source 24w LED panel 600mmx300mm 3000k, 4000k, 6000k 50,000 hours 5 years £103.74 Buy Now
Bright Source 18w LED Panel c/w Driver 300mmx300mm 3000k, 4000k, 6000k 50,000 hours 5 years £16.99 Buy Now

Our experts are always on-hand to chat about your specific needs and provide recommendations on which LED panel is right for you. We have a variety of LED panels in a range of options, with a broad variety of features so, if you need advice on finding the correct LED panel size for your needs, get in touch with us today.

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