Selecting the Best LED GU10 by Bulb Wattage

How to Select the Best LED GU10 by Bulb Wattage

When it’s time to shop for new LED light bulbs, you should take many factors into account. You’ll have to think about the colour temperature, brightness, and bulb wattage.

Selecting the best LED GU10 by bulb wattage can be a bit confusing simply due to advancements in technology. Where we once talked about 50 and 75W bulbs, we now commonly refer to wattage numbers of less than ten. So what does this mean?

In this guide we help you:

  • Establish basic wattage comparisons for Led GU10s against Halogen and Incandescent bulbs.
  • Provide approximate Lumen outputs for room-by-room calculations.
  • Narrow down your search by picking out some of our best 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 W LED spotlights.

Should I Choose by Wattage or Lumens?


Simply because most manufacturers’ packaging labels still refer to wattage and when shopping online, Lumen output is often missing from product titles.

You may also see ‘Halogen equivalent’ ratings such as ‘50w’ on product packaging. Thanks to the remarkable energy efficiency of LED bulbs, a 4.5W LED light bulb can give the same light output as a 50W halogen light bulb.

Take a look at this Wattage comparison between incandescent, Halogen and LED bulbs. As can be seen, LED technology massively helps us reduce energy consumption around the home.





30W 3W 30W 3W
40W 4W 50W 4 - 6W
60W 6W 60W 6 - 8W
75W 7.5W 75W 8W
100W 10W 100W 12W

Instead it is more relevant to use Lumens. This measurement tells you the brightness of the bulb.


The below table give us a solid base to identify which bulbs are actually best suited to our needs around the home or office.

As can be seen, the variations between each bulb are not linear – some manufacturers such as Philips can often provide a higher lumen output than an equivalent competitor bulb of the same wattage.

Pro Tip: Lumen output is a signal of bulb quality and will differ from bulb to bulb so it pays to compare various options.

Lumen Output

Wattage (LED)

220 - 400 lm 2 – 6W
400- 600 lm 6 – 8 W
600 - 1100 lm 10 – 12 W

How Many Lumens Do I Need?

The general equation for establishing the amount of Lumens needed is as follows:

Room square footage X room type (foot candle recommendation)

The more wattage a bulb boasts, the brighter (lumen output) the light it will produce. But keep in mind that the higher the wattage, the more power the bulb will consume, so make sure you don’t go overboard.

Read our quick guide on Lumen requirements here to help establish how many bulbs you will need room by room.

Our Picks: Choosing the Best LED GU10 by Bulb Wattage

3-Watt LED Bulbs

Perfect for domestic use while providing excellent light coverage. The GU10's serve as great task lighting, especially at 4000K (Cool White) colour temperatures. 3000K, 4000K, and 6500K colour temperatures. Great for domestic and commercial kitchens, corridors, and rooms.

4-Watt LED Bulbs

These are premium brand Osram and Energizer 4w LED bulbs. Colour temperatures of 2700K (Warm) to 4000K (Cool White) perfect for domestic and hospitality use, while still being Ideal for decorative and task lighting. These 3 bulbs each have average lamp life of 15,000 hours.

5-Watt LED Bulbs

Great range of 5w products from trusted brands. These lamps are often used in domestic applications and fixtures across the home and can last up to 10 years. Providing great energy efficiency and suitable for; living rooms, kitchens, offices and commercial applications.

6-Watt LED Bulbs

Massive lumen output of up to 575lm making it one of the brightest bulbs on the market, while still serving as an energy saving replacement for a high powered 80w halogen. These types or lamps can be found in traditional ceiling spotlights in both commercial and domestic environments.

7-Watt+ LED Bulbs

The brightest of our range of GU10's,  providing you with a high-quality light output equivalent to a 50w halogen. With an impressive lifespan upwards of 30.000 hours, these lights are both practical in commercial environments and suitable for creating unique decorations and atmosphere. Dimmable lighting also helps to create accent or mood lighting while saving you money on energy.

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