Choosing the best Bright Source LED downlights

Bright Source has invested heavily in creating a range of quality LED downlights with diverse functionality built-in, making them suitable for everything from homes to major office complexes.

Bright Source (formerly branded as Brite Source) is a UK-based company that has drilled down on the sort of features contemporary customers demand from ceiling light fittings which illuminate the room (or area) below. Bright Source also focus on research and development and product development to ensure their lighting solutions meet the needs of modern applications and customers. This means the range includes dimmable downlights, and version ideal for emergency lighting.

This guide to LED downlights from Bright Source shows how many residential and commercial lighting demands can be fulfilled by these products. It will also help you to choose the best LED downlights for your interior design or business operation.

Types of Bright Source LED downlights available

Firstly, let’s explore some of the LED downlight options available from Bright Source.


Dimmable LED downlights are a popular choice in homes, business premises and public buildings. They offer a valuable degree of control over the light intensity and, therefore, the energy used. These products allow light output to be closely controlled.


Bright Source also supply a range of emergency LED downlights which can be recessed into ceilings and will remain switched on if the power supply to the building is cut by the fire services in the event of a fire. When a building needs to be evacuated, these reliable, quick to install and compact LED lights can guide the way to exits.

SOLO All In One

Bright Source All In One LED downlights are versatile, multi-purpose, dimmable downlights with three alternative fascias included: white, chrome and brushed steel. The colour temperature of the lights can also be altered before installation. This feature turns one LED downlight into nine and provides much more flexibility.

This LED downlight is a smart lighting solution that can look and perform to your exact specifications.

Wattage options

Bright Source has LED downlights available in a range of wattage options which allows you to match the level of ambient lighting and energy efficiency you want to achieve.

As a handy guide, the LED equivalent wattage compared to traditional bulbs goes from 10 Watt (equivalent to 100-watt incandescent) to 3 Watt (30-watt incandescent).

Colour temperature options

The colour temperature refers to the appearance of the light emitted by the LED downlight to suit your preferences and the needs of the room in which they’re being installed.

Fire rated

All Bright Source LED downlights are fire rated, which is something alternative brands can’t always offer. This gives you the reassurance that they are safe to use in occupied premises such as family homes. Bright Source offers LED downlights which are engineered to help slow the spread of fire, making safe escape more possible.

IP ratings

The IP rating on Bright Source LED downlights refers to the product’s ability to resist solid (first number) and liquid (second number) contaminates. So, if you’re installing these lights in areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, the IP rating will give you a clear indication of the product’s resilience and safety.

Benefits of choosing Bright Source LED downlights

Choosing Bright Source LED downlights can offer a number of benefits over other brands or traditional halogen and fluorescent lighting solutions.


One of the advantages of the Bright Source LED downlight range is the versatility and interchangeability of the products. For example, the bezels can be changed on some of the lights, instantly changing the aesthetic appearance, while the lights are in situ. The magnetic bezels provided with these downlights offer great design freedom.

Plug and play

Bright Source products also offer plug and play advantages. This means the items can be slotted into place, without worrying about triggering electrical problems elsewhere in your lighting system.

Insulation covers

As Bright Source products are fire rated, it is possible to fit insulation covers over them so they can be fitted into ceilings.

A** energy rating

Bright Source LED downlights come with an A** energy rating which provides 65% energy savings in comparison to traditional light sources.

Best places to use Bright Source LED downlights

The versatile, safe and adjustable nature of Bright Source LED downlights make them a great product to install in a diverse range of buildings. From contemporary living rooms, where appearance is paramount, to workshops and offices where controllable ambient lighting matters most.

Their important safety features also make them perfect for hospitality buildings, or corridors and lobbies in any commercial or public venue.

Top picks: Our range of Bright Source LED downlights


Product Lumens Colour Temp Wattage Warranty
SOLO All In One LED Dimmable Downlight 800-900lm 3000k, 4000k, 6000k 10w 5 years Buy Now
SOLO Tilt All In One LED Dimmable Downlight 850lm 3000k, 4000k, 6000k 10w 5 years Buy Now
All In One LED Dimmable Downlight 900lm 3000k, 4000k, 6000k 12w 5 years Buy Now
Emergency SOLO Tilt All In One LED Dimmable Downlight 850lm 3000k, 4000k, 6000k 10w 5 years Buy Now
Britesource LED Downlight 590lm 3000k 6w 3 years Buy Now
Britesource LED Downlight 610lm 6000k 6w 3 years Buy Now
Britesource LED Downlight 600lm 4000k 6w 3 years Buy Now

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