Buying fire rated LED downlights

LED downlights provide many benefits and, at LampShopOnline, we have an excellent range of competitively priced options. LED lighting technology has advanced significantly in recent years, with a variety of fire rated and non-fire rated downlights available.

Whether you’re thinking of installing fire rated LED downlights in a commercial space or within your home, this useful guide will tell you everything you need to know about how they work and where they can be used.

What are fire rated LED downlights?

Fire-rated LED downlights are designed to help slow the spread of fire, compared to standard downlights. When a ceiling is installed in a building, it will have its own fire rating. However, installing recessed downlights reduces this resilience by creating multiple holes for the fire to travel through and spread.

To prevent this increased risk of fire spread, fire rated downlights are designed to effectively block the hole which is made in the ceiling. The lights have an intumescent pad, which will expand to fill any gaps if the area reaches a certain temperature.

There are different ratings available, with a fire rated downlight able to slow the spread of fire for up to 120 minutes. If you did not have these in place, the ceiling could collapse within just a few minutes. This could provide occupants with the time they need to escape from floors above, without being trapped by falling debris.

When should you use fire rated LED downlights?

Experts highly recommend that every downlight installed within your home, office or commercial space should be fire rated, as they will provide increased protection from the quick spread of fire.

Although non-fire rated downlights are available, they should be installed with a fire hood or place, which can be more expensive.

If you are surface mounting your lights, there is no need to cut a hole in the ceiling, as the fire resistance is not compromised.

What are the fire ratings for LED downlights?

Part B of Building Regulations includes information about the testing of recessed ceiling lights, with ratings of 30, 60 and 90 minutes given. However, there are also some downlights which have a 120-minute rating.

Ultimately, you will need to install downlights which match the fire rating of the ceiling. So, if a ceiling carries a 90-minute fire rating, you will need to install downlights with a 90-minute fire-resistance rating.

Many false ceilings in commercial properties do not have a fire rating. However, designers will often advise that fire-rated downlights are installed regardless.

It is also important to consider the IP rating, with parts B, C, E, L and P of the Building Regulations providing useful advice about downlights installed within kitchens and bathrooms.

Who can install fire rated LED downlights?

The installation of fire rated downlights is regulated by Part P of the Building Regulations, so only a qualified electrician can install them. A registered electrician will be able to provide you with a Part P certificate, which will prove that any minor works completed are safe. Without this, home insurance could be invalid as there is no proof that the wiring is safe. Not to mention putting the occupants of the building at risk.

Can fire rated LED downlights be installed with loft insulation?

The manufacturer’s instructions will provide details about whether the lights you have installed can be covered with thermal loft insulation. There is a risk with some downlights that loft insulation will cause them to overheat and they may even catch fire.

If loft insulation is already in place, it is possible to fit a displacement box over the light which will protect it from any insulation. However, you can also purchase lights which can be installed directly into loft insulation.

Top picks: Popular fire rated LED downlights

We have a wide variety of fire rated LED downlights to choose from, which are suitable for installing everywhere from your ground floor kitchen to the top floor of an office block.


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To find out more about which fire rated LED downlights are ideal for your project, please contact our team. We pride ourselves on offering our customers an extensive range of lights and are always happy to answer your queries.

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