Emergency LED panels: What are they and where can they be used?

Emergency LED panels are designed to continue to provide light if there is a fire in the building and the power supply is cut off by the emergency services. This guide will provide you with details of the emergency LED panels available, their benefits and uses.

What are emergency LED panel lights?

Emergency lighting is a generic term used for lights that are able to maintain illumination in the event of a mains power failure to the normal lighting. This type of lighting falls into two main categories, emergency escape lighting and standby lighting.

Emergency escape LED lighting is used in situations where a safe exit is needed during a power cut. For example, providing lighting to enable the building’s occupants to leave safely by lighting the path to the nearest exit. These panels are usually battery-packed devices which are designed to switch on automatically in an emergency, making them a popular option in both commercial spaces and domestic properties.

In comparison, standby emergency lighting is used as a backup light system to enable normal activities to continue during a power cut. These lights are designed for continuous use when there is a non-emergency situations. These panels are connected to a mains supply however, when the power cuts out, they use the power from their backup battery. This type of panel is a popular option in commercial spaces.

What are the benefits of an emergency LED panel light?

LED panel lighting is a popular choice for many businesses, with a growing number of installers choosing emergency panels thanks to the following benefits:

Efficient lighting

LED panels are more efficient than older incandescent bulbs and waste very little energy as heat. In comparison to equivalent traditional fluorescent fittings, an LED panel could offer energy savings of more than 30%.

Instant light

Emergency LED panels light up almost instantly, with no warmup time or flickering. In an emergency situation, this will provide the light needed for occupants to quickly leave a building.

Longer lifespan

Emergency LED panels have a longer lifespan than alternative light outputs and are much less fragile than incandescent bulbs and fluorescent tube lighting. LED panels have a regular life span of 35,000 to 50,000 hours, with maintained emergency panels able to provide power from the battery for three hours.

Sleek design

Emergency LED panels are available in sleek and unobtrusive designs so they can be installed in the same way as any other lighting solution but offer that emergency lighting when needed.

Where can emergency LED panel lighting be used?

LED panel lighting is usually installed within suspended ceilings or grid ceilings. The majority of emergency LED panels are classed as maintained lights, which makes them popular options for businesses, office spaces and warehouses where normal business activities need to continue during a power cut. It’s also important in these spaces that employees can leave the building quickly and safely in the event of a fire.

Many panels offer a low-profile aluminium design which not only increases thermal dissipation but also offers a design suitable for many commercial spaces, such as offices, corridors, hallways and even schools.

In particular, the size and shape of the panels allows them to be quickly installed in standard ceiling grid systems although suspension systems are available to allow installation in a variety of ceiling spaces.

Top picks: Our best-selling emergency LED panels

There are a variety of emergency LED panel light options available, offering various sizes, colour temperatures, wattages and lumens. The following are just some of the emergency LED panels we supply.


Product Size Wattage Lumens Colour Temp Warranty
Emergency Dimmable LED panel 600mmx600mm 40w 3600lm 4000k 3 years Buy Now
Emergency Dimmable LED panel 600mmx600mm 40w 3600lm 6000k 3 years Buy Now
Emergency Round LED panel 42w PL replacement 194mm 15w 1400lm 4000k, 6000k 3 years Buy Now
Emergency Round LED panel Twin 18 PL replacement 224mmx16mm 18w 1260lm 4000k, 6000k 3 years Buy Now
Bright Source Emergency LED panels 1200mmx600mm 72w 6600lm 4000k 3 years Buy Now

Emergency lights should be considered an essential component of every emergency system by building occupants, owners and managers. There are many reasons why emergency LED panels are often a popular choice, offering simplicity, longevity and efficiency. To find out more about the installation of our emergency LED panel lights or for more information, please contact our team to find out more or to place an order.

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