A guide to 1200mm x 600mm LED panels

LED panels are a popular choice for illuminating large, open spaces such as waiting rooms, classrooms, offices, reception areas, shops warehouses and many more.

1200mm x 600mm LED panels are one of the most common sizes both as a result of the bright, widespread light they can offer and that they’re designed to replace fluorescent lighting in ceiling grids. If you’re looking to replace fluorescent lighting with a more energy efficient and cost effective solution, LED panels are the best choice.

In this guide, you will find out more about 1200 x 600 LED panels, where they can be used and their benefits over other types of lighting such as fluorescent and incandescent bulbs.

Why choose 1200 x 600 LED panels?

These LED panels provide a wide range of benefits, making them a popular choice for large, open space that require a lot of light. Here are just some of the benefits:

Range of colour temperatures

Unlike halogen and fluorescent tube lights, LED panels offer a variety of colour temperatures. Colour temperature is a characteristic of visible light which helps to determine the coldness or warmth of a source of light.

LED panels produce a large spectrum of white light so you will find warm white and cool white panels, offering much more variety when it comes to your chosen light source.

1200mm x 600mm LED panels are available in warm white (3000k), cool white (4000k) or daylight (6000k). Many customers opt for warm white LED panels as these lights bear closer similarities to the lighting being replaced, such as incandescent or fluorescent lighting.

Warm light is favoured for enviornments such as the home where a more comfortable and inviting light is preferred. In comparison, cool white light is favoured in environments such as offices, as the coolness is thought to help with productivity.

When choosing a colour temperature, it’s important to consider the atmosphere you are trying to create as this can be altered dramatically depending on your choice of lighting.

Easy installation

1200mm x 600mm LED panels are mainly designed for suspended ceilings where they fit into the existing ceiling grid systems. This makes them a popular choice as they provide a seamless fitting process with next to no installation time.

In addition, they can also be surface mounted using surface mounting kits meaning they can easily be incorporated into any ceiling, including those which do not have a suspended ceiling already fitted. Surface mounted LED panels are usually chosen for renovation projects to provide a modern and stylish lighting source.

Low maintenance

1200 x 600 LED panels are extremely high quality and can have a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours which means they need to be replaced much less often than fluorescent lighting, helping to lower maintenance costs and time.

Whilst LED panels may be more expensive initially than fluorescent tubes, with outputs of up to 7800 lumens and lower wattages, they will save on energy and maintenance costs over the long term.

Additionally, fluorescent tube fittings often require more than one tube, on the other hand, when an LED panel needs replacing, only one element must be replaced.

Energy efficient & cost effective

Another huge advantage of 1200 x 600 LED panels is that they are consistent and long-lasting.

While they may use less power than traditional fluorescent lights, LED panels produce a much better light quality which makes them a much better option.

The panels incorporate a white powder-coated aluminium frame which is designed to match the majority of ceiling grids and conduct heat away from the LEDs inside, making them more energy-efficient and, subsequently, more cost-effective.

High power, low wattage

When replacing fluorescent tube lighting, LED panels offer a range of benefits. LED panels provide the same amount of light as fluorescent tubes but they use much less energy and watts so they produce more lumens per watt.

Types of 1200x600 LED panels available

There are a few different types of 1200x600 LED panels, and it’s important to know which one is best suited to your needs before you make a purchase.

Emergency LED panels

Emergency LED panels are easy to fit and can be installed in either commercial or residential environments, but are most popularly used in corridors, shops, offices, and any space that has a recessed ceiling. These panels have a lifespan of up to 35,000 hours and come with a back-up driver which means that, in the event of a fire and the fire service turning off the power supply, these panels will light the exit for occupants to leave the building safely.

Emergency LED panels also come with a 3-year warranty for peace of mind.

Dimmable LED panels

Some 1200mmx600mm LED panels are also available with a dimming function which means they provide more flexibility in terms of the type and amount of light required in an area at different times of the day or for different functions.

Dimmable panels have a five-year warranty which means you can be reassured that your LED panels will be covered in the rare case that repairs may be required.

Where can 1200mm x 600mm LED panels be used?

As we have already discussed, 1200x600 LED panels are most commonly used in schools, offices, shops, showrooms and warehouses. They are also used in the home in kitchens and garages.

1200x600 LED panels are the largest available so are chosen for lighting areas that need a huge amount of light. Their energy efficiency makes them more cost-effective to run than other lighting solutions and the size of these panels in particular helps to provide the maximum amount of light without the cost of higher energy bills or maintenance costs.

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In summary

For reduced costs and maintenance, LED panels are a great investment. LED panels are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes so choosing the right one is crucial for creating the effect you’re looking for.

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