A guide to black LED downlights

LED downlights provide an excellent way to update the look and feel of your home or business. Downlights provide an amazing alternative to traditional lighting fixtures for a number of reasons and they’re also available in a range of colours and finishes. One of the most popular choices is classic black, it can go with anything and always looks sleek and stylish.

Why is it important to choose the correct finish?

It’s important to choose the correct finish or bezel for your LED downlight for many reasons.

To begin with, consider what exactly the trim or bezel is. The trim or bezel refers to the style of ‘housing’ in which the LED light is mounted on. It is used to secure the LEDs and is available in a range of finishes so that you can match your lighting to your existing style or, create the exact look you’re looking for when designing a new interior space.

Consider interior décor

Whichever trim or bezel you opt for, you must consider the rest of your interior décor too. The design of the downlight you choose can have a large impact on your interior design, so if you have a minimalist aesthetic, you will want a trim or bezel which reflects that. The type of lighting you choose can also contribute to the overall look and feel of your interior décor so getting the right finish for your downlights will ensure that your décor is not affected too much by the addition of LED downlights.

Lighting features

You may also want to turn your lighting solution into a feature too. When it comes to LED downlights, gone are the days of lighting being simply a practical solution. These lights are as beautiful as they are practical and you can really highlight them as much or as little as you prefer.

Remember that once the lights are installed, they will automatically become a dominant feature in the room, so you will want to select the look that appeals to you the most, and complements the furniture and your personal style.

Benefits of LED downlights with a black finish

LED downlights with a black finish or trim are there to make a statement. When you choose to go with black, you are making a bold interior design choice that has so many aesthetic benefits.

Match interior décor scheme

Black LED downlights are the perfect choice if you’re looking to match your interior décor scheme. For example, a black trim on LED downlights are perfectly suited to industrial décor styles as they can match other light fittings as well as the key features in the room. Alternatively, when used in this type of décor scheme, black LED downlights can be used to create a feature and draw your eyes to one section of the room.

Create a lighting or decorative feature

If you’re in the process of updating or renovating a space, you may be looking to turn your lighting into a major feature. Black LED downlights are striking and individual, and it is easy to create a lighting or decorative feature using them. You can create a modern, contemporary look in any area, which will help to sharpen the overall interior design scheme.

Accessorise minimalist décor styles

If you’re not looking to create a fully industrial look within your space, black LED downlights can also be used to accessorise white or minimalist colour schemes. A black trim will provide a striking and unique contrast that provides a simple yet luxurious look to your space.

Best applications for black LED downlights

LED downlights with a black trim can be used in a range of different rooms and places, whether domestic or commercial.


You may wish to use black finished LED downlights in your kitchen area, as they can match black appliances for an up-to-date and modern look. If you do not have black kitchen appliances, the lights can be used to provide contrast between the décor, worktops and lighting.

A bright, white kitchen can look incredible when offset by bold black-trimmed lighting fixtures.

To find out more about installing LED downlights in your kitchen, please read our kitchen LED downlight guide.

Living room

LED downlights with a black bezel can also work in the living room. They can provide an eye-catching décor element that can look fantastic in a more simply decorated space, turning even your ceiling lighting into a feature.

In the living room, LED downlights can be used for functional lighting or to create more ambient lighting and make a corner of the room feel cosier. Black LED downlights will allow you to draw attention to these spaces and could even replace a traditional ceiling light if you’d prefer to use them to light the room.

Display areas, hospitality and shops

When it comes to more commercial uses, black LED downlights are ideal for display areas, as they can be used to highlight items you wish to draw attention to. Not only that, in the white or light interior of a shop or commercial space, black LED downlights can add an additional feature and help to highlight certain areas.

Perhaps one of the best uses for black finished LED downlights is within the hospitality industry. They make a definite statement, whether in a hotel or restaurant, providing bright light without compromising on style.

Adjustable LED downlights are perfect for use in these types of spaces as they allow you to adjust the beam angle of the lighting to meet your needs. To find out more about adjustable downlights, please read our guide to choosing adjustable LED downlights.

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