How to choose adjustable LED downlights

LED downlights are now an extremely popular lighting solution as they provide clear, bright lighting and are incredibly energy efficient. There are a number of different LED downlights available, from recessed to semi-flush, dimmable and non-dimmable, fixed or adjustable and mains or low voltage, there is something to suit every application.

One of the most popular types of downlight for both home and business owners is the adjustable LED, as it offers total versatility. But what is are adjustable downlights, how do they work and where should you install them?

What are adjustable LED downlights?

Adjustable LED downlights are a popular type of downlight as they produce flexible options for a range of applications. Whether personal or commercial, the options are endless with adjustable downlights. Producing an adjustable, clear beam, these lights allow a flexible approach to choosing a lighting solution.

Adjustable LED downlights are the perfect choice for sloped and low ceilings as they can be mounted completely flush to the ceiling, adding a touch of style and sophistication to any property.

They also allow you to be completely flexible in how you decide to light a room. For example, you can use them as task lighting in specific areas such as food preparation areas in kitchens or surrounding mirrors in bathrooms. Use adjustable LED lights to highlight items around your property, whether it’s family photographs or artwork, downlights allows you to show these items under focused light.

In addition, if, once the downlights are installed, you wish to refocus or move the lighting, this can be done easily without having to remove or replace them.

The benefits of adjustable LED downlights

Adjustable LED downlights offer a wide range of benefits for a range of applications, including:

Direct light to a specific object

Adjustable LED downlights don’t just offer incredibly low power consumption, they also allow you a great degree of flexibility, even after installation. With a great range of manoeuvrability, adjustable LED downlights allow you to direct the light where it is most needed.

Adjustable beam angle

Another fantastic feature of adjustable downlights is that you can adjust the beam angle so that the light is either narrow or focused.

Adjustable downlights can be tilted by 25 degrees or more (depending on the brand), providing you with the flexibility to adjust their position depending on where you want to direct the light.

Flexible lighting solution

Most adjustable LED downlights offer total flexibility to be creative with your lighting solution. You could focus on an area of relaxation in your bathroom, placing lights in clusters on the ceiling or opt for colour changing downlights as a way to change the mood in a room.

Adjustable colour temperature

Some LED downlights are available with not only an adjustable beam but with adjustable colour temperatures. This means that you can easily change the mood or usage of the lighting without having to completely change the light fitting. Should the purpose of your room or space change, you can easily change the lighting from warm white to daylight to suit your needs.

Our range of SOLO All In One LED downlights are perfect for this purpose.

The best applications for adjustable LED downlights

Adjustable LED downlights are used for a wide range of applications:

Task lighting

Thanks to their practical design, LED downlights take up little room which means they can be used as practical task lighting in areas where clear, bright light is required, such as food preparation areas or home office. Adjustable LED downlights can be installed in hard reach areas too, allowing you to complete daily tasks with ease.


One of the most popular ways to create effective lighting in a kitchen is by installing adjustable LED downlights. As they are adjustable, they’re perfect for being installed under cabinets and over food preparation areas. Adjustable LED downlights are available in different styles so will suit any décor or style. Whether you’re looking to light up the whole room or just focus areas, LED lights create a modern look and feel to any kitchen.

To find out more about installing LED downlights in your kitchen, you can read our kitchen LED downlight guide here.


Adjustable LED downlights are a fantastic way to upgrade lighting in any bathroom. For the perfect task lighting, lights can be placed either side of a mirror to enable you to carry out tasks such as shaving, washing or applying make-up with ease.

Read our bathroom LED downlight guide to find out more about installing LED downlights in your bathroom.

Study areas

Adjustable downlights can offer a practical solution for office and study areas. They can be used to create different levels of light and provide focused light for concentrating on tasks.

If you want to point the lighting towards a desk area, you can point the downlights towards it. However, if you use the space for multiple purposes, the downlights can be adjusted to point lighting in a different way, depending on your needs.

Sloped ceilings

Adjustable LED downlights are perfect for use on sloped ceilings as they off-set the angle of it and allow light to be directed down.

It can be particularly difficult to find functional lighting for sloped ceilings such as those in attic rooms so adjustable downlights offer a great solution. They can be recessed into the ceiling without imposing too much on the décor or the overall look of the room but will provide functional lighting.

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Choosing the right lighting for your home or business project can be a daunting task, especially as there are many things you need to consider, but at LampShopOnline, we stock a variety of adjustable LED downlights to suit your needs.


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