Choosing the Best OSRAM LED Panels

There are a number of LED Panel brands on the market to choose from so, finding the right LED panel to replace a fluorescent light or as a brand-new lighting solution can be difficult.

Munich-based brand, OSRAM has been a world leader in lighting solutions for over a decade. Their highly innovative lighting technology can be found in a wide range of different professional and domestic fields. These settings are as diverse as hospitals, homes and stores around the world.

OSRAM has been instrumental in developing new technology and ways of working with a particular focus on environmentally friendly products.

What are the ranges of Osram LED Panels available?

LEDVANCE Value Panels

OSRAM’s LEDVANCE value panel range is known for high energy efficiency and excellent prices, as well as quality and simple installation. LEDVANCE has provided LED Luminaires to a wide variety of businesses and provides a wide range of lighting options.

This range also covers the emergency and arc LED panels available from OSRAM.

LEDVANCE LED panels are:

  • Easy to fit
  • Suitable for recessed applications in residential and commercial environments
  • Used in offices, shops and corridors
  • Energy savings of up to 44% when replacing T8 4x18w modular recessed fittings

Emergency LED Panels

Whether you’re looking to light up your emergency exit route in a store or your office, OSRAM’s range of emergency LED panels offer great peace of mind.

These panels are not only energy efficient, they’re also effective when it comes to illumination. They are offered with back-up power and low temperature output, which means they last longer and are more durable than traditional lighting solutions. As a consequence, they offer a low maintenance and cost-effective solution.

OSRAM’s emergency LED Panels offer:

  • High lumen output
  • Energy savings of up to 44%
  • Lifespan of 50,000 hours (twice as long as T8 lighting)
  • Cost effective solution
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Emergency back-up power supply

LEDVANCE Arc Surface Panel

In addition to being functional, lighting should also be beautiful. OSRAM’s arc LED panels are designed to offer a pleasing aesthetic as well as good illumination.

These LED panels are built from durable but attractive materials and include discreet mounting accessories. In terms of lighting, they offer excellent coverage in any room they are used in, due to their arched design.

OSRAM’s Arc LED panels:

  • Are suitable for indoor applications such as dining rooms, living rooms and corridors
  • Provide high lumen output of 1200 lumens
  • Are available in both warm white and cool white colour temperatures

Benefits of OSRAM LED Panels

Quick installation

Whether you’re replacing an old fluorescent light or installing lighting from scratch, OSRAM LED panels offer an easy to install solution. The OSRAM range of LED panels can be easily assembled and installed in around five minutes.

Low maintenance

OSRAM LED panels are manufactured using high quality materials which means maintenance costs are low once they have been installed. Their durable frames, housing and accessories are built to last and the panels have a lifespan of up to15 years.

Energy savings

OSRAM’s LEDVANCE LED panel range provides a great replacement for older lighting technology, providing savings of up to 50%. This low wattage helps to keep the overall power consumption of the building low, helping to save on energy bills.

In addition, OSRAM LED panels operate at much lower temperatures than traditional lighting, helping to save on the costs of cooling a building.

High efficiency

The OSRAM LEDVANCE range of LED panels is extremely innovative when it comes to efficiency, providing a much better light source. The panels offer a high lumen output from 1200 lumens and upwards, providing a direct replacement for traditional louvre luminaires 600, 625 and 1,200.

Applications of OSRAM LED Panels

Aside from the benefits outlined above, OSRAM LED Panels are incredibly versatile. This has made them exceptionally popular for a diverse range of applications.

Office spaces

To create a productive and positive work environment, it’s important to choose appropriate lighting. This is especially true in office spaces, where lighting can interfere with screen glare and there is a lack of natural lighting.

OSRAM’s LED panels can be installed in recessed applications which helps to reduce any intrusive glare for employees. The energy savings provided when replacing T8 4x18w modular recessed fittings makes them particularly suitable for office environments, offering energy savings of up to 44%.

They can offer soft lighting and even emulate daylight to keep the atmosphere in the office gentle and unoppressive.


Ensuring the correct lighting is used in retail spaces is essential as the look of products and displays can be ruined by harsh lighting. With a focus on beautiful design, OSRAM’s LED Panels can accentuate the best parts of a store without reducing the welcoming feel.

OSRAM LED panels provide optimal colour rendering which is especially important in fashion and automotive settings where the products must be highlighted in the best possible way.


Hospitals require versatile lighting in order to keep patients as comfortable as possible but allow nurses or doctors to see clearly when they need to. OSRAM’s dimmable LED ceiling lights make it possible to accommodate both comfort and functionality in this respect.

Leisure facilities

Similarly, for recreational facilities such as gyms, swimming pools or clubs, the versatility of LED panels means you can cater for a wider range of clientele.

OSRAM LED Panels vs Fluorescent Light

It's clear by now that LED panels offer a vast improvement when it comes to energy savings. They last a great deal longer in comparison to fluorescent lighting.

LED Panels Fluorescent lighting
Colour Temperature 3000k – 6500k Limited to colour filters
Lifespan 50,000+ hours Average of 8,000 hours
Light quality Light can be concentrated in most needed areas. Offers non-directional emissions which waste light provided.
Heat generation No heat emission from lighting. Huge amount of heat generated by lighting.
Dimming options Panels can be dimmable. Lighting is not dimmable.

Our Picks: Our best-selling OSRAM LED Panels


Product Size Lumens Colour Temp Lifespan
OSRAM LEDVANCE 36w LED Panel 600x600mm 3600lm 6500k 50,000 hours Buy Now
OSRAM LEDVANCE 36w TP(a) Panel 600x600mm 3960lm 4000k 50,000 hours Buy Now
OSRAM LEDVANCE 36w LED Panel 600x600mm 3240lm 4000k 50,000 hours Buy Now
OSRAM LEDVANCE 33w LED Panel 1200mmx300mm 3100lm 3000k 50,000 hours Buy Now
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