The Best LED GU10 Spotlights for the Garden

Selecting the best LED GU10 spotlights for the garden isn’t as easy as buying spotlights for the kitchen or bathroom. In this brief article, we’ll highlight the factors that you need to consider.

In this guide we cover

Main Uses for Garden Lighting

Depending on the size of your garden, the number of possibilities may vary as far as where you can position your garden lights. Garden lights can be used for a wide range of purposes, mainly decoration, security, and just practical outdoor lighting, depending on where you position it.

Garden lights can be wall-mounted on your home for security or decorative purposes. They can also be recessed into the lawn, steps, or decking for decorative and practical purposes. You can even use spike lights in grass or boarders. The possibilities are pretty much endless.

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“We’re seeing more lighting work it’s way in as an aesthetic aid, where clients would like to showcase art, built-in joinery and key features.”

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Senior Interior Designer

There are four types of outdoor lighting options that you need to be mindful of, namely:

  • entrance (security)
  • patio
  • walkway/steps/driveway
  • focal point lighting.

Each type is quite different, so it’s highly unlikely that you’ll confuse them for one another.

Let’s take a closer look at each type.

Uses Description
Entrance & Security lighting

Garden lighting is often used as a security measure because it allows you to identify anyone at the doorstep.

Entrance lighting should be bright, but not too bright that it’s dazzling which can annoy neighbours and visitors alike.

Security lights should also be carefully planned as the temptation to flood your garden or driveway with high lumen/wattage light can be tempting but also lead to complaints from neighboring properties as well as impact on local wildlife.

Downlights are a great way to light entrance areas for guests and visitors to your home.

Patio lighting

An area where you’re supposed to spend time and relax, so the light needs to be fairly warm and relaxing.

This type of lighting can be achieved by mounting lights on walls or overhead on covered patios.

Walkway, steps, and driveway lightings

Not just about aesthetics, it’s also about safety. It’s a type of lighting that helps ensure clear sight so that people can see where they’re going.

We’d suggest using GU10 downlighters or spikes in order to achieve this type of lighting without it being too dazzling.

Focal point lighting

As the name implies, this is all about showcasing focal points in your garden, from trees and statues to water features.

For this type of lighting, you’ll want to stick to warmer hues for statues and manmade focal points and to cooler hues with natural focal points

Spike GU10 LED’s are a great option here as they will project more light on to features. Specifically a great choice for pub gardens

IP Ratings – Use IP65 Bulbs

The IP rating of a lighting solution indicates the extent of sealing protection that its casing offers. Lightings with low IP ratings aren’t appropriate for outdoor use. You’ll need to go for either medium or high IP-rated lighting solutions, as they’re both dust and water-resistant. In general use IP65 rated bulbs.

Bulb Colour Temperatures

In terms of colour temperature, the lower the number of Kelvins, the warmer the light is going to be. And by warmer, we simply mean yellower. If a lamp has a high number of Kelvins, it’s going to produce a cooler white light that almost resembles natural daylight.

Uses Suggested Kelvins
Entrance & Security lighting

Daylight – 5000 to 6500K

Patio lighting

Extra Warm White – 2700K

Walkway, steps, and driveway lightings

Warm White – 3000K

Focal point lighting

Cool White – 4000K

Types of Garden Light Power

There are three main ways you can power a garden light:

  • mains electricity
  • battery power
  • solar power.

There are pros and cons with each of these three types, so you need to weigh your options before making a decision.

Mains-operated lighting

  • Boasts excellent reliability and durability.
  • Better for security, entrances and patio areas.
  • Requires professional fitting and is more expensive.

Battery-operated lighting

  • Arguably the cheapest option to buy and install.
  • The most versatile of all three powering options as it can be installed almost anywhere.
  • You’ll have to replace the battery on a regular basis, which can be quite inconvenient.

Solar-operated lighting

  • Inexpensive option to purchase and replace.
  • Available in a wide range of designs and applications,
  • Easy to integrate it with your garden’s aesthetics and the type of look desire.
  • Easy to reposition around the garden with ease.
  • Unreliable for security measures and has a short lifespan.
  • Needs positioning in areas of sunlight for most benefit.
  • Can be unreliable in performance and provide only a basic dim light.

Our Top Garden Picks

Energizer LED Garden Spike IP65 Spotlight

gu10 spotlight spike fitting

Customer reviews

"high quality spotlight"

“A great way to provide good lighting in the garden without breaking the bank.”

“Brilliant easy to fit good lighting at night and only 4 watts.”

  • IP65 rating: waterproof and dustproof
  • Non-corrosive materials for outdoor/coastal use
  • Pre-wired for easy installation
  • Available in 3 colour temperatures: warm white, cool white, daylight

Saxby 3w LED Silver Spotlight With Spike

saxby ground spike
  • Powered by mains electricity
  • Spike means it can be installed ground level or wall mounted
  • IP65 rating: waterproof and dustproof /li>
  • Made from anti-corrosive material
  • 2 year warranty

Bright Source 8w All In One LED Dimmable Downlight - GST18 Plug

bright source led downlight

Customer reviews

“Excellent product easy to wire 3 brightness levels looks fab.”

"Five stars."

  • Utilizes plug'n'play technology
  • Comes with three colour temperatures in a single bulb: warm white, cool white, daylight
  • comes with 2 magnetic fascias finishes
  • IP65 rated: waterproof and dustproof
  • Fully dimmable
  • Comes with a 3-year no quibble warranty

SOLO All In One 10w LED Dimmable Downlight

solo all in one downlight

Customer reviews

“Very happy with the product.”

“Very pleased, couldn't find them anywhere else and cheaper”

"Lights are really easy to install and operate with the added bunes of being dimmable. Thumbs up all round.”

  • Best selling bulb on our website!
  • Comes with 3 fascia finishes
  • Comes with three colour temperatures in a single bulb: warm white, cool white, daylight
  • 90 minute fire rating
  • Fully dimmable
  • IP65 rating: waterproof and dustproof
  • 5-year warranty

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