Choosing the right GU10 LED Spotlights

The GU10 LED light bulb replaces your existing bulbs easily and effortlessly. It saves energy while providing great lighting for pretty much most applications. They’re also known as PAR16 light bulbs and are best used in places where bright, direct light is needed.

GU10 LED Quick Facts

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  • GU10 stands for ‘general use’.
  •  The ‘10’ refers to the 10 mm space between the two prongs, or legs of the bulb. GU10 LED light bulbs have a narrow base with a slightly wider aperture.
  •  Sizes are 50mm diameter and up to 75mm in length. 
  • They can usually retrofit into any existing halogen fitting.
  • Energy use is far lower than halogen equivalents with bulbs generally using 10x less energy.
  • Most commonly, GU10 LED’s are used for ambient lighting requirements but due to a wide range of colour temperatures and beam angles, can easily be used for task lighting in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Spotlight GU10’s can sometimes be confused with integrated downlights where the entire bulb and fitting is supplied. Spotlights are cheaper and work with any type of compatible fixture.
  • Bulbs range in temperature from 2700k extra warm white through to 6500K daylight.
  • Lifespan for domestic applications is around 15,000 hours. For retail and industrial use, this ranges from 25,000 to 50,000 hours.
  • Colour rendering is >80 in most cases but some manufacturers ranges now offer almost sunlight quality rendering of colour.
  • You will need a specific water resistant bulb for some bathroom applications.
  • GU10 LED’s do not have a fire rating. However, there is usually a fitting around the GU10, making it fire rated.

Mini Guides: Helping You Buy Correctly

We have produced a series of mini guides to help you choose the right GU10. Each guide is a 4-5 minute read and should give you enough information to get your purchase correct.

Selecting by Specification: Colour Temperatures & Rendering

You can choose from different colour outputs measured in Kelvins.

  • Extra Warm White (2700k)
  • Warm white (3000K – 3500K)
  • Cool white (3500K – 4500K)
  • Daylight (4500K – 7000K)

Identifying the right colour temperature largely depends on whether you are using the LED’s for Task, Ambient or Accent lighting.

If colour rendering is crucial to you – and it will be if you are buying spotlights to showcase colour in items such as clothing, shoes, jewellery & cars - you will need to pay attention to the colour rendering rating of the spotlights you are buying.

We discuss all this and much more in our quick read guide. Read our quick read guide here – Choosing the best LED GU10’s by colour

Seleting by specification: Wattages & Lumens

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In general, the higher the wattage of bulb, the more lumen output will be produced.


LED Wattage

220 - 400 lm

2 – 6W

400- 600 lm

6 – 8 W

600 - 1100 lm

10 – 12 W

It pays to shop around because some bulbs can produce outstanding lumen outputs without pushing up energy consumption. Osram for example have some great 6W bulbs that produce a whopping 575 lumens. 

If you would like to learn a little more and see our top picks for 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 Watt bulbs, take a look at our quick read guide here – Choosing the best LED GU10’s by Wattage

Mini Guides: The best Halogen Replacements

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One of the most common requirements for LED’s is to replace existing halogen fittings.

Halogen GU10


30 W

3 W

40 W

4 - 6 W

60 W

6 - 8 W

75 W

8 W

100 W

12 W

The above conversion table provides useful guidance but, if you want to learn more, including fitment advice and see our most popular bulbs, read our guide – Selecting the best halogen GU10 spotlight replacements.

Mini Guides: Selecting brands

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We tend to stock the best quality suppliers including Philips, Sylvania & Osram along with less well known but quality offerings from JCB, Energizer and GE. We have produced mini guides so you can quickly see the most popular bulbs supplied by these industry heavyweights.

  • Philips Lighting – Our most popular GU10 LEDs from the Master and CorePro range
  • Osram Lighting – Our most popular GU10 LEDs from the PARATHOM range.
  • Sylvania Lighting – Our most popular GU10 LEDs from the REFLED ES50 range

Mini Guides: Selecting LEDs By Room


Our kitchen GU10 guide covers pretty much everything from colour temperature, to fire ratings, beam angles and everything in between. Get our top kitchen picks too- read our guide here.


In the bathroom, your main consideration is which zone the bulbs will be used. Each zone requires different safety standards based on how much water resistance it can withstand. Once you have figured that out, you will need an idea of how many lumens you might need and which colour temperature will best suit your lighting plan. Read our guide here.

Outdoor & Garden

Are you planning new garden features? Maybe a few spikes to showcase your new patio and garden furniture? Or perhaps some ambient lighting to help relax around your new hot tub? Check out our garden lighting guide – we only really cover spotlights here but we have some general tips that can support wider lighting projects.

Further Help & Advice

Cost Comparison: LED spotlight versus Halogen spotlight

Understanding Colour Temperatures

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