LED corn lights: what they are, where to use them and how to choose the best option

A comprehensive guide to LED Corn Lights. What they are, what the different types are, where you can fit, and how to choose them. If you have any further questions you can use the chat box in the corner or call us on 0113 887 6270 to speak to one of our team.

What are LED corn lights?

LED Corn Light Example

Corn lights are designed as an energy-efficient replacement to high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps and SON lamps. They use a large arrangement of LEDs on their metal structure to provide a large amount of light. This arrangement of LEDs closely resembles a corn cob, hence the name “corn lights”.

They are used in places like car parks, football stadiums, street lights—anywhere that requires a lot of light. Unlike halogen HID lamps and SON lamps, LED corn lights can provide a large amount of light efficiently, while still retaining a wide colour spectrum.

If you are looking for a more efficient, cheaper replacement for a HID/SON lamp, corn lights could be the right product for you. Upgrading to LED means using up to 90% less energy. Great lighting that makes great savings. Click here to browse our full range and learn more. 

Remember you can always use the chat box in the corner or call us on 0113 887 6270 to get advice from our team.

Where are corn lights used?

Corn lights are an energy-rated replacement for any high-lumen lights, whether inside or out. They are used to light:

  • Car parks
  • Football stadiums
  • Streets
  • Roads
  • Interior high bay lamps
  • Housing and sporting complexes
  • Recreational areas (e.g. parks and fields)

Particulary useful in external applications due to their sturdy and splashproof build, LED Corn Lamps have become a go-to practical solutions for areas where unique bright lighting is needed.

Metal Halide vs SON Lamps vs LED Corn Bulbs


Metal Halide*

Sodium vapour lamps**

LED Corn Bulbs

On/Off Cycling Can take up to 15–30 minutes to warm up 5–10 minutes Instantaneous
Ultraviolet Yes. Emits UV radiation which requires a filter built into the bulb. Small amounts None
Heat Emissions A significant amount (10–15% of the total energy consumed) A significant amount (15% of total energy) Produces very little heat
Costs From £22 From £22 From £22
Average Lifespan 6,000–15,000 hours 18,000—24,000 hours 50,000 hours
Colour Temperature 2,700k (very warm) to 20,000k (super daylight) 2,700k (very warm) 2,700k (very warm) to 6,500k (daylight)
Energy Rating*** C B A+

* Metal halide: Produces light through a mixture of vaporized mercury and metal halides. Often used for sports stadiums, car parks, warehouses and other large spaces.

** Sodium Vapour Lamps: High-pressure sodium lamps that are often used in street lighting and general floodlighting.

*** Energy Ratings: All ratings for lighting products have since been re-evluated to make way for developing technologies. Why Have Our Energy Labels Changed?

Corn Lights by Wattage, Lumens and Colour Temperature


LED Wattage (w)

SON/MH Equivalent

Lumens (lm)

Colour Temperature (k)

Cap Type

View Product

20w 75w 2,200lm 6000k (daylight) E27 View Here
30w 105w 3,200lm 6000k (daylight) E27 View Here
30w 105w 3,200lm 6000k (daylight) E40 View Here
40w 150w 4,200lm 6000k (daylight) E40 View Here
60w 200w 6,500lm 6000k (daylight) E40 View Here
80w 250w 7,800lm 6000k (daylight) E40 View Here
100w 400w 9,800lm 6000k (daylight) E40 View Here
120w 400w 13,000lm 6000k (daylight) E40 View Here
150w 450w 15,000lm 6000k (daylight) E40 View Here
200w 600w 20,000lm 6000k (daylight) E40 View Here

Wattage Vs Lumens

A quick explanation of wattages and lumens.

Wattage: An amount of electrical power expressed in watts. In the past, we relied on watts (w) to show the brightness of a bulb. However, with the rise of energy-saving LED lighting, wattage simply doesn’t give us enough information. For example, a standard 40w CFL bulb will produce the same lumens as a 5w LED. Learn More: Which Light Bulb Wattage Do I Need?

Lumens: Used to measure the brightness of light. The higher the lumens (lm), the brighter the light. For an area that needs plenty of light, you will want to look at bulbs that offer a minimum of 5,000lm. The larger and darker the space, the more lumens it will require.

Corn Light Reviews

Recommended corn lights according to our customers.

"Replaced a 250w HPI-T plus very happy with light output and saving."

Wayne C.

"Great white light and super bright in the lowbay fitting. Brightens up the workshop."


"Very bright and easy to swap in the fitting with a rewire. Takes the need of a choke out of the fitting which is great for me."


LED Corn Lamp Caps and Retrofitting

Retrofitting LED corn lamps can be a complicated procedure and it is recommended you hire a professional electrician. An electrician may ask you about your required corn light cap. The following is an explanation of the different corn light caps and the sockets they fit, giving you an understanding of what to look out for when purchasing or fitting corn lights. This information applies whether retrofitting, replacing, or just regular light fitting.

What Sockets Do Corn Lights Fit?


Also known as the Edison screw. It is an extremely common light fitting and is used around the world. The E27 in particular is the most widely used amongst the Edison screw family, and is 27mm in diameter (hence the name).

Corn Light E27 Explained


Also known as the Giant Edison Screw. The E40 lamp fitting was originally designed for lamps over 500W. However, thanks to the energy efficiency of LED bulbs, our LEDs can be as low as 20W while still retaining their brightness. The screw is 40mm in diameter.

Corn Light E40 Cap Explained

Low Bay Fittings

Low bay fittings are specifically designed for buildings with high ceilings, such as warehouses and factories.

The low bay fitting comes complete with ballast removed ready to run the 240v LED corn light. It also comes with a three-year warranty should you experience any issues with the product during that time.

 Lamp Shop Online’s low bay fitting is available in the following wattages:

Low Bay With Corn Light

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