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Selecting the Best Dimmable LED GU10 Spotlights

Dimmable LED spotlights save energy while creating a cosy mood that you can’t get with their non-dimmable counterparts. But they are way more expensive than non-dimmable right?

Actually, not really.

In this guide you’ll find out more about:

Cost differences between Dimmable & Non-dimmable GU10 LED’s

With the growing popularity and variety of LED products, many manufacturers have been offering them at increasingly competitive prices and excellent quality. It’s now pretty normal to find very little difference in price between dimmable and non-dimmable LED’s.

cost differences

To illustrate the point, here are some examples from our shop (inc VAT):

Table: Cost comparisons non-dimmable v dimmable LED GU10's
Wattage Non-dimmable Dimmable Difference
3w £3.56 £3.58 + 2p
3.5w £2.72 £3.12 + 62p
5w £2.50 £2.72 + 22p
5.5w £3.97 £3.30 - 67p

As can be seen, it’s possible to buy dimmable spotlights for less than £1 than its equivalent non-dimmable counterpart – as well as from high quality manufacturers like Philips and Osram.

Our Top 10 Selling Dimmable GU10’s:

Table: Our Best Selling LED Dimmable GU10's
Brand Wattage Colour Temperature Lumens Life Span (hrs)
  Sylvania   5W< 3000k 345 15,000 Buy Now
  Osram   8W 3000k 535 25,000 Buy Now
  Osram   8W 2700k 535 25,000 Buy Now
  Osram   5W 2700k 350 15,000 Buy Now


4.3W 4000k 350 25,000 Buy Now


5W 3000k 345 15,000 Buy Now


9W 2700k 355 25,000 Buy Now


5W 3000k 345 15 years Buy Now


8W 4000k 535 25,000 Buy Now


5W 4000k 345 15,000 Buy Now

What factors influence the cost of dimmable Gu10’s?


LED GU10 spotlights are designed to retrofit existing light fittings. They’re usually ready to install upon delivery.

Dimming Switches


If you’re a newcomer to LED GU10 spotlights, odds are your dimmer switch won’t be compatible. While traditional halogen bulbs use leading-edge switches, dimming LED GU10 spotlights need the more advanced trailing-edge dimmer.

“LED dimmers cost around £15 and an electrician should charge between £35 and £60 to install the switch, so it's affordable to make the change. Don't forget that you also need to make sure that the LEDs you buy are dimmable bulbs.”


Leading Edge / Trailing Edge Switches

Leading-edge switches are designed for older light bulbs and therefore come with a high minimum load. Because LED GU10s are far more energy-efficient, they won’t be able to meet that minimum load. This causes flickering and can shorten the life of the bulb.

Useful to know:

However, we still recommend a trailing-edge switch for a better performance. To avoid flickering and crackling and to give your bulb a longer life, make sure to get a dimmer switch that’s compatible with LED GU10s.

How many LEDs can my Dimmer switch support?

There’s an easy way to find out how many LEDs can be supported by your dimmer switch. Just divide both the minimum and maximum loads by 10. Let’s say your dimmer switch is rated at 100W - 400W. This means when you use this dimmer with an LED bulb, the load must be anywhere between 10W - 40W.

dimmer switch

Best LED Dimmer Switch

Transformers and Drivers

Usually, a transformer isn’t necessary to install dimmable LED GU10 spotlights. However, always check the package for further information.

For instance, the Osram 5.5w LED is a replacement for a high-powered 12v 50w halogen. Because 12v lamps need a transformer, it’s recommended to check the condition of the transformer before fitting to prolong the LED spotlight’s life.

In contrast, drivers are always required. Drivers are equivalent to ballasts. GU10s come with built-in drivers.


The Colour Rendering Index (CRI) can also influence bulb cost. In essence, this is a measure of how true the colour output will be to the specified Kelvin rating. Higher rated bulbs (measured in CRI %) will reflect a truer colour and generally cost a little more.

Energy Rating

Top rated A++ bulbs will cost more than lower rated bulbs. You can usually check the rating on the bulb packaging.


Bulbs with a life span of 25,000 hours will typically cost more than those offering just 15,000. Differences are very subtle and it pays to shop around as some of our top selling bulbs – for example the Osram 4.3w LED Par16 36deg GU10 retails at under £4 inc. VAT.

Lumen Output

It pays to check Lumen outputs before purchase as the same wattage GU10 can produce quite different Lumen outputs. As an example, Osram are renowned for high Lumen output. So always check when choosing your bulbs to see the differences that exist.

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