LED Polo Bulkhead Fittings

Featuring the high quality Bright Source POLO fittings, these led lights feature the switchable colour temperatures & wattage options. The round bulkhead light fittings are also available in emergency, microwave sensor or corridor function for multi use. Offering energy savings of 42% and boasting a lumen output of up to 1850 lumens. These fittings are often used in retail shops, public buildings, communal areas, sports centers, stairwells, corridors & walkways.

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LED Polo Bulkhead Fitting - LampShopOnline

Corridor dimming is a lighting system feature that automatically adjusts the brightness of lights in hallways, stairways and other public areas. This feature helps conserve energy when the area is not in use, while providing a safe, well-lit environment when needed. By using motion sensors and timers, the lights automatically dim to a lower level when no one is present, and then brighten when someone enters the area. This feature helps to reduce energy costs, while still providing the necessary level of safety and security.

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