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Here at Lampshoponline we don't believe in gimmicks - just everyday low prices that are checked against our competitors regularly to make sure our prices are some of the most competitive online or offline.

From time to time we may also run offers and discount codes which are in addition to our already low prices. Please bookmark and visit this page for the latest discounts and offers.

Promotional Offers By Category

There are currently no discount codes.

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Discount Codes

There are currently no discount codes.

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How to use our discount codes

1. Look out for codes on our site, browse the complete list of active codes above or check your email for promotional offers or discount codes.

2.Check the T&Cs to see how the code works. Browse eligible products, add them to your basket and head to checkout when ready.

3. Enter the code on the payment page, click 'Apply' and pay online.

What's the difference between a discount code and a promotional offer?

A discount code gives you money off our extensive range of products when you enter and apply a valid discount code in your cart or checkout. A promotional offer gives you savings on one or more products once you add them to your cart, no discount code or redemption is needed.

What product(s) is my code or offer valid on?

Some discount codes and promotional offers will have restrictions on what they can be used on. You may have to spend over a certain amount for the discount to apply or the code may only work on certain products or ranges. Check the T&Cs of each code to be sure.

Can you use multiple discount codes?

You can only use one discount code on any single order. All discount codes are single use and you will not be able to use them again on another order

Can I use the code on top of other offers?

Many of our discount codes can be used in conjunction with other promotional offers. Check the T&Cs of each code to be sure.

Why isn't my code or offer working online?

1. Have you entered the code correctly? Please check that the spelling and capitalisation of the code matches what you've entered.

3. Have you clicked Apply? If you are paying online and have entered your code correctly, you will need to click the Apply button for the discount to be taken off your order. Your savings and new price should be displayed on the payment page.

4. Have you already used the code? The same code can only be used once on each transaction.

5. Is the code still in-date? Discount codes and promotional offers will only be valid for a certain period of time. Check the T&Cs to be sure or take a look at our active codes above.

6. Is the code valid on the items in your basket? Some discount codes will only work with certain products or range, or may only be redeemable when you have spent over a certain amount. Check the T&Cs to see any restrictions.

Still not working?

Chat to us by clicking live chat on the bottom right or call us on 0113 887 6270, if you are unable to redeem your discount code or promotional offer.

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