Which Light Bulb Wattage Do I Need?

Small things can have a decisive impact on the level of comfort inside your home. No matter how well you furnished the interiors, that will mean nothing if the lighting is not right. Too bright lights can ruin your peace in the bedroom, while an insufficient amount of light can render certain rooms unusable after dark.

The wattage needed will depend on the type of bulb. Even though there are large variations between the different types, the same potential hazards need to be considered.

Warning: Excessive wattage can produce additional heat that could increase fire hazards, particularly from older-style light bulbs!
That’s why you need to think before you choose your lighting and be careful to supply them with the right light bulbs if you want to achieve the best results.


That’s why you need to think before you choose your lighting and be careful to supply them with the right light bulbs if you want to achieve the best results.

If you are updating your light bulbs then no matter if you are updating your bulbs to Halogen, CFL or LED, the chart below will help you convert your bulbs correctly so you know what wattage you need for your new bulbs.

For example, did you know that a 100w incandescent (standard) bulb is the equivalent of just 18w in an LED bulb?

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Quick Domestic LED Recommendations



Lumens (lm)

Life Span (hrs)

Sylvania GU10 4.5W 345 15,000 View
Energizer GU10 5.5W 345 15,000 View
Philips GLS 5.5W 470 15,000 View
Energizer GU10 5.5W 345 15,000 View
Osram GU10 8.3W 535 25,000 View
Prolite GLS 8.5W 806 30,000 View

Wattage Comparison Chart

The chart below explains how light bulb wattage changes lumens (brightness) and should help you make the correct choice when you upgrade your light bulbs:

Tip: We recommend making the switch to LED lighting. This type of lighting has the ability to produce a higher register of lumens for fewer watts, and they present fewer risks overall. Take a look at our range of domestic bulbs here.

Choosing the Best Bulb Wattage

The Right Wattage for a Ceiling Light Fixture

The first place to check is the labels on the bulb sockets themselves. The limit for single fixtures are easy enough to match up to the details on the packaging.

Keep in mind that a fixture that allows multiple bulbs will likely have a combined wattage limit. The total of all bulbs in use for this fixture should not exceed this limit. Exceeding the limit on lightbulb fixtures is likely to be a safety hazard and poses a risk to bulb and the fixture itself.

Browse our range of domestic bulbs and downlights to find what's right for you.

The Right Wattage for a Lamp

The label of the item itself should provide you with a maximum wattage. If not is proviuded, contact the manufacturer.

As a general rule, most lamps have a maximum limit of 60 watts

The good news is that Domestic LED bulbs are normally much lower than 60 watts, as they produce the same or greater lumens for less wattage than alternatives.

Take a look at our range of General Light Bulbs to see a range of potential bulbs you can use.Includes lamp bulbs, night light bulbs, and oven lamps.

Other Factors to Consider

The things you need to consider when choosing the best light bulb wattage:

1) Marriage of function and comfort

You should never buy your light bulbs in bulk and later use them randomly around the house. Adequate amount of light for each room depends on typical activities taking place there, as well as the size of the room. The living room probably deserves several separate light sources equipped with high wattage bulbs, but a small storage room would be better served with less luminous bulbs. By customizing the wattage for each room, you can define identity of the space and make your home more comfortable to live in.

2) Understanding various types of light bulbs

Choosing the best wattage is not a simple matter of picking a number. In addition to standard general service light bulbs, you can also find a lot of other options in the market. Incandescent light bulbs are available in the 15w-150w range, although these are being phased out. Halogen bulbs top out at 120w and give a different kind of light.

You could also consider using reflectorized bulbs which focus the light in one direction, producing a much stronger beam with the same wattage. Whichever type you decide on, make sure you acquire enough information before purchasing the bulbs.

3) Think green and save money

Of course, there is always the maintenance side to consider. The more lamps and bulb sockets you put into your home, the higher your monthly bills will be and higher wattage bulbs only add to it by spending more energy. However, certain types of light bulbs can help you drive down the costs of keeping your house well-lit.

For example, fluorescent bulbs spend 20-40% less energy and last around 20 times longer than standard bulbs. LED bulbs working at 10W can produce as much light as 60w incandescent bulbs, drastically reducing energy expenditure. There are a lot of “green” ways to approach this issue and you would be smart to take them into account.

This blog post was written in part by the bespoke lampshade manufacturers:

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