Why Have Our Energy Labels Changed?

New Energy Efficiency Labels Explained

When buying bulbs, or any kind of electrical appliance, you’ll notice that they all come with an energy efficiency grade from F to A+++. However, it’s been decided that this system needs to be simplified as technology progresses and the standards for this efficiency improve. 

From March 2021, energy labels on electronic appliances in the United Kingdom changed, moving from the existing EU label system. This includes all of the bulbs sold to you at Lampshoponline.

Though it may be confusing at first, over time this way of grading products will be easier to understand and compare to alternatives. In March 2021 UK moved from a system that ranged from A+++ to F, to one that simply goes from A to G.

What did the EU Energy Labels Mean?

Energy labels are there to help you make an informed choice when you're selecting products, and that's true whether you're in the UK or the EU. Simply put; An appliance with a low energy rating is less energy efficient than one with a high rating.

The label was made to be used on every model of electrical appliances, allowing you to understand the difference between apparently similar products. The information is also required to be accessible in catalogues on online.

The goal of the new and improved energy label system remains the same. This will help you make a more informed choice, and help you to understand what products are more sustainable than others. 

 The LED Bulb is still a great product for reducing energy consumption, but there is no room to rate technology as it improves.

Pictured across is an example of the former energy rating system, with this label rating the product from A++ to "E".

Old EU Energy LabelOld EU Energy Label

Example: An LED Bulb that used to be rated A (EU System) is now rated F (New UK System).

Why did they get rid of the A++ energy rating?

For more than 25 years energy labels have helped consumers understand which products were energy systems. Originally showing this information on a scale from A (most efficient) to F (Least Efficient). This communicated which electrical appliances used less energy.

This straightforward approach became complicated as new and innovative products kept pushing the limit on the existing scale. 

Over time the need for a + system was made necessary, growing the limit of the scale from A to A+ to A++ to A+++.

At this point, the rating wasn’t communicating to consumers which products used less energy. There was no longer a clean gradient between what was efficient and what was not. For the customer, what was the difference between buying an “A” product and an “A+++” product? Was something considered an “A” 25 years ago still the best choice to save you money on energy bills?

Compare this to instantly understand the difference between a “B” product and an “F” product. The same distance on the scale.

This new change aims to bring the label back to its original purpose, cutting out the confusion.

It's important to note that the products themselves haven’t changed. E.g. Many of our LED Downlight ranges appear to have moved from A+ on the old scale, to F on the new scale. A product like this is still one of the best options for using less energy when compared with traditional lighting. If you wish to upgrade, browse our range of LED Bulbs.

What do these new Energy Labels look like?

New Energy Labels Explained (Diagram)New Energy Labels Explained (Diagram)

This simplified but useful product information aims to to keep you informed, allowing you to select the most efficient appliances and bulbs.

How can you be more eco-friendly?

The easiest solution with the greatest long-term output is to update your existing bulbs and lighting fixtures to LED.

For example, An LED bulb lasts around 5 times longer than incandescent bulbs, and only wastes 5% of its energy on heat. Compare this to the 95% wasted by incandescent bulbs, and It's clear why LED lighting is the current frontrunner in providing eco-friendly solutions. The right lighting can make you and your home more sustainable, and goes alongside simple small changes to save you money on energy bills.

There are plenty of small changes you and your household can make to save energy. When leaving the house, all lights should be off and appliances should be off or on standby where necessary. If you're worried about security, using smart lighting can help. Smart lighting is controlled using an app on your phone, so bulbs can be dimmed or switched off from anywhere.

Dimming is a great solution for keeping a room well-lit while still reducing the bulb’s overall energy usage.

Motion sensors (PIR) on the lights in commercial buildings are used to keep lights off or dimmed when not used. This is a practical way of saving money but keeping all rooms accessible and lights ready to go when needed. This also applies to the same sensors used for floodlights, allowing outdoor lighting to also be more eco-friendly.

Energy Efficient Recommendations

Further Information on Becoming Energy Efficient

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