How to make a Room Bigger using Clever Lighting

Key Points

If you find yourself wishing for a bigger space, there's a lot you can do with lighting to make even the smallest space feel much larger. On this page, we share our advice on using lighting to make the most of a small space, including the following tips:

  1. Fit ceiling lights close to the ceiling
  2. Install more lights to make the space as bright as possible
  3. Use uplights to make ceilings appear higher
  4. Fit light bulbs with a na tural light colour
  5. Choose lightly coloured decor
  6. Fit lights in cupboards
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1) For overhead lights, keep close to the ceiling

Low-hanging lights are going to dramatically reduce the amount of perceived space in your home as they draw the eye lower and so make the ceiling look lower than it actually is. If you want a dramatic light feature, try and choose one that is wider, as it will still be eye-catching but will make the room look higher. If not, recessed lighting is a popular and easy choice for opening up space as they are unobtrusive and do the job of ambient lighting. domestic LED bulbs here.

2) More lights mean better light

Having one singular light can actually draw attention to the lack of space, rather than improving it. Having multiple lights can create this illusion of space by reducing the shadows in the room. Make sure lights are spaced out as they can draw attention to different parts of the room and give the illusion of more space. For example, having lights on different levels, such as overhead light and then a lamp on a desk can help space out the room as well for the same reason. Interestingly, the same approach also works when lighting high ceilings effectively and you can read more about layering light here to help you make the most of the space you have available.

3) Uplights are your new best friend

As the name suggests, these lights direct the light upwards, usually through the lamp used, which makes ceilings appear higher, due to reducing the shadowing effect. This also draws attention to the ceiling, making it appear higher.

4) Unlock the power of natural light (or at least pretend to)

Natural light is the best way to open up space as it fills the space with the daylight bulb manufactures try and recreate. One way to do this is making windows as big as possible by avoiding obtrusive, heavy drapes and using sheer ones instead. However, if natural light isn’t an option, using an LED or fluorescent with similar light colour will do the same job. When searching for bulbs that give off natural light, look for those with a 'daylight' colour, which should be clearly marked on the box or online listing. Daylight colour bulbs are available in CFLs or LEDs and there are hundreds of different options to choose from on our website so you are sure to find one suitable for your fitting. Some LEDs have the added benefit of being dimmable, which means you can adjust the light to be darker when you want a more cosy feel. You can find out more about dimmable LEDs with this guide.

5) Reflective light - coloured walls and mirrors

Although not strictly a lighting choice, lighter coloured walls will enhance the lights you choose. This is because they are more reflective than darker walls, meaning there will appear to be more light and so more space. Ditto for mirrors and these have the added benefit of reflecting the room as well which creates the illusion of twice as much space.

6) Small cupboards or wardrobes?

Sometimes cupboards can seem cramped too as they have a lack of light, and it is sometimes difficult to see what is within them. Strip or Ribbon LED lighting can help illuminate the space with strong bright light, and is space effective as they are fairly small.

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