A guide to Sylvania LED battens

LED battens are an excellent lighting solution for many homes. However, there are so many different types of LED battens available, that choosing the right one for your space might feel like a challenge. After all, choosing the right battens for your home will help to ensure that you install the right lighting solution.

In this article, we will explain what Sylvania LED battens are, what benefits you can expect from them, considerations to make when choosing LED battens, and choosing the best Sylvania LED battens for your home. We will even show you some product suggestions to give you some great ideas.

What are Sylvania LED battens?

Sylvania offers both indoor and outdoor lighting solutions for all types of settings. Able to cater to both domestic and commercial uses, the lighting provided by Sylvania can meet a range of needs. Whether you require warmer or cooler lighting, in a range of brightness settings, Sylvania has the ideal solution.

When it comes to LED battens, Sylvania has a wide variety to choose from. These long, slender LED battens are the ideal way to replace classic tube lighting options while providing reliable and long-lasting performance.

Sylvania LED battens are available in 2ft, 4ft, 5ft, and 6ft sizes, as well as single and twin versions.

The benefits of Sylvania LED battens

There are a number of great reasons to choose Sylvania LED battens, and you can expect some wonderful benefits when you choose to install them in your home.

Easy wiring system

All of Sylvania’s LED battens come with an easy wiring system, which means that they are simple to install. This allows you to install the battens yourself or replace your existing lighting solution easily and without the use of a screwdriver.

Replace fluorescent tube lighting

With a full range available, Sylvania LED battens can be used to replace fluorescent T8 fixtures and are available in single or twin options. Fluorescent lighting can be an inefficient lighting choice when compared the LED lighting which means many homeowners are now replacing older lighting solutions.

LED lighting has a much longer lifespan and comes with fewer maintenance and replacement costs.

Take a look at the table below for a wattage comparison when replacing fluorescent tube lighting with LED lighting:

Lighting type450 lumens600 lumens1100 lumens1600 lumens2600 lumens5800 lumens
Fluorescent 8-9w 13-14w 18-19w 23w 40w 85w
LED 6w 9-10w 13w 16-18w 24w 45w

Impressive performance

When it comes to the LED battens themselves, they are highly efficient and can provide impressive performance, even with ongoing use. With a wide range of colour temperatures available, you can select the perfect lighting solution for your home. Read more about choosing the right colour temperatures in our guide.

Considerations to make when choosing Sylvania LED battens

When thinking about choosing which Sylvania LED battens to buy for your home, there are certain factors to consider to make sure that you get the right solution for your space.

Purpose of the lighting

Sylvania’s LED battens come in a range of different wattages and colour temperatures; you may want cool bright lighting in a hallway but require something warmer and softer for an office space. Choosing the right warmth of light means you will be able to create the right feeling for the space.

Applications of Sylvania LED battens

Sylvania LED battens are the ideal choice for both commercial and domestic settings, however, they are more widely used in areas that require very bright and continuous lighting solutions.

Due of this, they are best suited to:

  • Warehouses
  • Garages
  • Open spaces that require high levels of illumination
  • Large corridors
  • Workshops
  • Kitchens
  • Office areas

Choosing the best Sylvania LED battens

LampShopOnline has a wide range of Sylvania LED battens that are ideal for a wide range of different spaces. Depending on what your requirements are, you might want to choose:

ProductSizeColour TempLifespanGuaranteeCost
Sylvania Twin 48w LED batten fitting 6ft 400K 25,000 hours 2 Years £45.79 (ex VAT) Buy Now
Sylvania Single 24w LED batten fitting 6ft 400K 25,000 hours 2 Years £24.21 (ex VAT) Buy Now
Sylvania twin 36w LED batten fitting 5ft 400K 25,000 hours 2 Years £36.43 (ex VAT) Buy Now
Sylvania Twin 30w LED batten 4ft 400K 25,000 hours 2 Years £28.73 (ex VAT) Buy Now
Sylvania Twin 16w LED batten fitting 2ft 400K 25,000 hours 2 Years £16.71 (ex VAT) Buy Now

To find out more about Sylvania LED battens, please contact our expert team today.

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