Types of Fluorescents

Types of Fluorescent Tubes

A compact fluorescent light bulb on grass

Fluorescent Kitchen Lights Guide

Kitchens are one of the most common rooms in the home to fit fluorescent tubes. Here you can find out more about choosing the right fluorescent tubes for your kitchen.

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LEDs vs. Fluorescent Tubes

We explore how replacing your old fluorescent panels with LEDs can benefit you and your business. Save money as well as the planet.

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Floodlights at football stadium

Your Complete Guide to Floodlights

Floodlights are a broad-beamed, high intensity form of lighting that literally flood the surrounding area with light.

In this article we discuss the different types of floodlights and where they are usually used.

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How the Right Retail Lighting Can Boost Your Sales

From a consumer's point of view, it is easy to assume that going shopping is all about having an idea of what you want to buy, heading to the appropriate shop, choosing something that you like, ensuring that it fits the bill and then paying for it. Simple.

From the retailer's side, however, there is a wealth of psychology behind facilitating this process for the customer.

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The Ultimate Guide to Office Lighting

Lighting is a key part of any office design as different types of lighting can have a huge impact on everything from our mood to our productivity. As the average person spends around 150 hours in the office each month, it's important that the atmosphere and environment in the office is as inviting and motivating as possible.

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The 8 Biggest Home Lighting Blunders and How to Fix Them

This guide will walk you through the most common lighting blunders in the home and how to rectify them.

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T5 Fluorescent Tubes – Frequently Asked Questions

A T5 is a type of fluorescent tube that is more efficient than a T12 or T8 and can help save you money on your electricity bills. Find out more by reading our answers to the most frequently asked questions about T5 tubes.

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T8 Fluorescent Tubes - Frequently Asked Questions

A T8 is eight eights of an inch and a T5 is five eights of an inch. T5s are the latest energy saving fluorescent tubes in front of T8. T8s are higher efficiency and T5s are the highest efficiency. T8s are more commonly seen due to them being around for longer.

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A compact fluorescent light bulb on grass

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs and the Environment

Domestic fluorescent lights are generally understood to be the eco-friendly option in the home.

In this article we discuss what is it about them that makes them so good for the environment and how much better they are than traditional light bulbs.

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