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Lighting design in the home and workplace has a massive impact on everything from how the space looks to how it is used and how it makes people feel.

In this section, the experts at LampShopOnline share their in depth knowledge on all aspects of lighting design for the home and workplace including:

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Advice by Bulb Setting

Whether you’re looking to upgrade the lighting in your home, office or commercial premises, these useful guides will give you all the information you need.

Lighting in the home

Below you can find out more about how to transform your home with lighting.

You can find advice and solutions to the following issues:

  • What is under cupboard lighting and how do I install it? Under cupboard lighting can make tasks easier in the kitchen and create a welcoming ambience for social occasions.
  • What garden lighting ideas can I use in my garden? Find out how simply changing the lighting in your garden can transform it into a safe, attractive and versatile space.
  • How can I use lighting design to transform the look of my home? This page provides step-by-step advice on how lighting can create a new look in your home, from task lighting to ambient lighting.
  • What are the best dimmable light bulbs? Find the answer to this and other common questions with our FAQs on dimmable light bulbs.

We also cover the following topics here:

The 8 Biggest Home Lighting Blunders and How to Fix Them

How to Use Lighting Design to Enhance Your Home

Kitchen Lighting FAQs (needs amends)

5 Golden Rules for Lighting High Ceilings

New Year, New Lighting for Your Home!

How to Make a Room Bigger Using Clever Lighting

5 Tips for Better Bathroom Lighting

Lighting commercial spaces

This section covers our top tips on lighting commercial spaces, including shops and offices. We cover the following topics on lighting in these spaces:

Retail, leisure restaurant lighting

We also cover the following topics in this section:

A Rough Guide to Leisure Centre Lighting

Your Guide to Emergency Lighting for Commercial Properties

The Lighting Design of Leeds Shopping Centres

A Quick Guide to Fashion Runway Lighting

How to Retrofit Your Retail Store with LED Lights

Lighting office spaces

Here you can learn more here about how to effectively light an office to ensure employees are safe and productive.

Lighting, Mood, Health and Lifestyle

Lighting can have a profound effect on our mood and our health. In this section, you can learn more about how you can use the lighting in your home and workplace to improve your health and lifestyle.

  • How does lighting affect our mood and emotions? Find out more about how much light we should legally have in the workplace and how not enough light can impact on our health and mood.
  • How can I use ?
  • How can I choose the best lighting to keep my fish healthy? Fish need to know the difference between night and day to ensure they remain happy and healthy. Not sure where to start? This guide offers all the advice you need on fitting the correct lighting for your fish tank.
  • How can light be used to help plants grow? Light is vital to the growth and health of plants, so if your plants are looking a little lacklustre, this guide will show you how to use light to give them a boost.

We also cover the following lighting design topics here:

Ultimate Party Lighting for the Best Christmas Party

How to Throw the Ultimate Black Light Party


LampShopOnline discuss the latest lighting trends with some of the world’s hottest lighting designers.

LampShopOnline Speaks to Rothschild and Bickers

Innovator, Designer, Artist – LampShopOnline Talks to Leroy Bennett

Interview with Reformations UK

LampShopOnline Meets Marty Langthorne


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