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What Are Floodlights and Where Are They Used?

What are floodlights?

Just as the name suggests, floodlights are a broad-beamed, high-intensity form of lighting that literally flood the surrounding area with light.

Where are floodlights used?

Floodlights are one of the most powerful forms of lighting, and are used for many different purposes, such as:

Sporting events / Stadiums / Arenas

Outdoor sports arenas benefit particularly from floodlighting, as it is often necessary for sporting events to be carried out in the evenings or in low light conditions. Therefore, it is imperative that there is sufficient high quality artificial lighting to substitute natural daylight.

Floodlights also allow the event to be successfully televised, as it is vital that lighting levels are high enough to meet broadcast quality levels.

Theatrical lighting

Concerts and plays also benefit from floodlighting, as the beam of light can be directed where needed. This is particularly important at outdoor events.

Emergency Services

The powerful beam emitted from floodlights also makes it a useful tool for search and rescue operations, as the beam can be directed to scour wide areas from a distance.

Security lighting

Homes and offices benefit from floodlighting as a security measure as they can be an effective deterrent to burglars. Sometimes these lights can be sensor operated and only illuminate if a trespasser enters the area, alternatively, they can remain on, which is often the case in public car parks, to ensure that the area is highly lit at all times.

What are the different types of floodlights?

There are several different types of floodlights, including:

  • Metal halide
  • Sodium vapor
  • Halogen
  • LED

As technology has evolved, the development of LED floodlights has brought about a new way of creating maximum intensity lighting that also is cost effective to run and environmentally friendly. Whilst the above forms of floodlight are still in use, there has been a huge leaning towards using LED lights for floodlight purposes.

What are the benefits of LED floodlights?

The differences between the traditional floodlights and the newer LED lights highlight that, in the majority of situations, LED floodlights are the better option.

Here is a breakdown of the benefits:

  • LED bulbs have a very long life.
  • LED lighting is eco-friendly, as it uses less electricity.
  • LED lights naturally emit an extremely bright light.
  • LED light can be directed specifically, rather than just creating a pool of light.
Bright Source Floodlights

Extremely Long Life

  • An LED light can last significantly longer than all other kinds of bulbs.
  • An LED floodlight will last up to 50,000 hours which is a huge improvement on the traditional halogen light.
  • Because LED floodlights last longer they will obviously need replacing less, making them an economical option.


  • LED bulbs use less electricity, which, as well as being cost effective means less harm to the environment.
  • You will need fewer bulbs to illuminate a large area, due to their brightness, again saving on energy.


  • LED lights are the most effective form of lighting in terms of producing an extremely bright, crisp light.
  • As each bulb emits such a bright light you will therefore need less of them to achieve a sufficient brightness.
  • At Lamp Shop Online we stock Ultra Slim LED flood lights in a range of wattages which come in a cool white 6000 kelvins.

Directed Light

  • LED floodlights are particularly useful for big applications like stadiums and arenas as LED bulbs can direct light in a specific direction.


  • LED floodlights are just as durable as any other type of floodlights.
  • They come in durable IP65 rated aluminium weatherproof housing to withstand all kinds of outdoor environments and conditions.

Cost efficiency

LED lights may appear expensive, as the initial cost of the bulb may be more than other types of bulbs. However, the long-term savings can offer payback within 1 – 2 years. This is for the following reasons:

  • Long lasting bulbs.
  • Reduced electricity usage.
  • Brighter light means fewer bulbs.

How Are floodlights Best Positioned?

When used to light a large area, floodlights are usually arranged at strategic locations around the perimeter of the area to be illuminated.

In the case of a sports field, each lamp will be trained on a specific area of the field, to create the same effect as midday sun. This effect is created using a colour temperature of 6000K or higher. This is known as Daylight White.

Better for focus and attention for detail, you'll often find Daylight White lighting being used for security.

Depending on what being illuminated, floodlights can be positioned in numerous different ways, including:

  • Recessed into the floor.
  • Fitted on posts or towers.
  • Suspended on gantries (which enables access for maintenance).
  • Smaller floodlights can be attached to trees or buildings.

Our Floodlight Recommendations

Floodlights Suitable for Commercial / Hospitality / Car Park Usage



Colour Temperature

Beam Angle




 Bright Source 50w LED Floodlight 4,000 4000K (Cool White) 120° Bright Source 50w LED Floodlight 4000k IP65
 Bright Source 50w LED Floodlight 4,000 6000K (Daylight) 120°    Bright Source 50w LED Floodlight 6000k IP65
Osram LEDVANCE 50w LED Floodlight 5,500 3000K (Warm White) 100° Osram LEDVANCE 50w LED Floodlight 3000k IP65 - Black
Osram LEDVANCE 50w LED Floodlight - PIR 5,500 3000K (Warm White) 100° Osram LEDVANCE 50w LED Floodlight 3000k IP65 - Black - PIR & PC
Osram LEDVANCE 50w LED Floodlight   5,500 3000K (Warm White) 100° Osram LEDVANCE 50w LED Floodlight 3000k IP65 - White
Osram LEDVANCE 50w LED Floodlight 5,500  4000K (Cool White) 100° Osram LEDVANCE 50w LED Floodlight 4000k IP65
Osram LEDVANCE 50w LED Floodlight - PIR 5,500 4000K (Cool White) 100° Osram LEDVANCE 50w LED Floodlight 4000k IP65 - Black - PIR & PC


Note: The floodlights with PIR sensors are great for increasing security around homes or small commercial buildings, while also saving power as they don't always need to be on. For larger buildings a higher wattage is needed and so PIR sensors should not be used for health & safety reasons.


Floodlights suitable for Industrial / Stadium / Large Commercial / Parking Lot Usage



Colour Temperature

Beam Angle




Red Arrow 100w LED Floodlight - Photocell 8,000 6000K (Daylight) 120°  100w LED Floodlight - IP65 - Photocell
Bright Source 100w LED Floodlight - Photocell 10,000 6000K (Daylight) 120°  Bright Source 100w LED Floodlight 6000k IP65 - Photocell
 Red Arrow 150w LED Floodlight - Photocell 12,000 6000K (Daylight) 120°  150w LED Floodlight - IP65 - Photocell
Osram LEDVANCE 135w LED Floodlight 15,000 4000K (Cool White)  100° Osram LEDVANCE 125w LED Floodlight 4000k IP65 - Black
Osram LEDVANCE 165w LED Floodlight 20,000 4000K (Cool White) 100° Osram LEDVANCE 165w LED Floodlight 4000k IP65 - Black
Red Arrow 300w LED Floodlight - Photocell 24,000 6000K (Daylight) 120° 300w LED Floodlight - IP65 - Photocell
Bright Source 300w LED Floodlight 30,000 6000K (Daylight) 120° Bright Source 300w LED Floodlight 6000k IP65


The Right Floodlight for the Right Purpose

Whilst we naturally associate floodlights with huge sports arenas, they are available in many different sizes and offer different levels of power accordingly. Floodlights can also be used as temporary solutions, which enables smaller sports clubs to use them as and when necessary. This makes them an accessible, cost effective and environmentally friendly option for many environments.

LampShopOnline sell a number of LED floodlights, available to order online if you're not sure which floodlight is right for your project, our team will be happy to help, just call 0113 8876270.

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