Ultimate Party Lights for the Best Christmas Party

Christmas lights< What do you need to get right at a party? Food, drink, music and atmosphere and one way you can really create an atmosphere is through lighting. Lighting can be the difference between a warm Christmas glow or a neon rave atmosphere; both very different, both possible festive parties. Below we’ll give a quick guide as to how to achieve the perfect party atmosphere (whatever that may be to you) through lighting. Enough lighting There’s nothing worse than sacrificing practicality for atmosphere. If you’re hosting a party where people are eating or will be mainly chatting then it might create a “Christmassy”, cosy vibe to turn the lights down and use soft candle lighting but guests might get frustrated when they have to put their face right in another guests to figure out if they know them or not, or end up spilling their food all over the dark void which in normal light they’d recognise as the floor. The point here is to make sure you’re guests are kept comfortable whilst you achieve your theme.


One great way to really enhance lighting so it creates a mood is to use coloured lights. If you want to put on that psychedelic rave then bright neon lights in lots of different colours will help you get there. Alternatively, if the Christmas do is for you try finding lights with warm Christmas colours which won’t be too harsh on the eyes. Candles inside coloured glass holders can also look really good.

LED strip lights

LED strip lights are a great way to achieve a party look without having to invest loads of energy in setting up lighting. You might think that LED strip lights sound abrasive and more suited to a party focused on dancing rather than conversation, but actually the strip light is surprising versatile. You can get strip lights in all sorts of different colours from warm white and yellow to a bright green and red. LED strip lights generally come in long reels so they can be put up across large spaces and cater for the majority of lighting at your party.

So, if you’re putting on Christmas party then don’t forget to sort your lighting out! It can be the difference between a party full of warmth and atmosphere and a party lacking in that extra little something. We recommend LED strip lights as the ultimate party lights to make your Christmas party go with a bang.

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Published 2012/11/15

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