T12 Fluorescent Tubes – FAQs

What is a T12?

A T12 is a type of fluorescent tube. It’s one of the older models of fluorescent tube and is the least efficient. T12s are no longer manufactured but the remainder stock is still being sold though T12s can be hard to find.

Why should I buy a T12?

T12s tend to be bought by those who are already used to using them. They are reliable tubes proven suitable for all sorts of environment such as warehouses, factories and garages though their relative inefficiency means they’re not always the first choice for customers.

Why are T12s being phased out?

The main reason T12s are being phased out is that new technology has been developed which is far more energy efficient so the EU want to encourage consumers and businesses to use this type of lighting to help us all save energy.

Is it easy for me to upgrade from a T12 if I want to?

If you would rather start using a different type of tube the T8 is the easiest to upgrade to as it has been manufactured with the same G13 cap so you won’t have to change any of your ballasts to start using T8s. To find out more about T8s take a look at our T8 page.

Are there any issues around using T12s even though they’ve been discontinued?

Though you can no longer manufacture T12s, sale of left over stock is perfectly legitimate and you cannot be prosecuted or reprimanded in any way for using T12s.

How big are T12s?

T12s are 1 ½ inches thick in diameter or 38mm. They vary in length.

What kind of ballast do I need?

T12s have G13 caps so work with the same ballasts as T8s.

What different colour temperatures are available?

They used to be available in a number of different colours but these have recently been made obsolete. They are now available in 535, standard white, only.

How long do T12s last?

On average, they last around 10,000 hours.

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