Shining the Light on Bridport's Eco-Friendly Business

lilliputs led lights Lilliputs, a home textiles and accessories department store based in Bridport, Dorset, are increasing their efforts to be more environmentally friendly by replacing the shop’s lighting with LED tubes. Lilliputs are gradually converting 180 traditional fluorescent tubes with energy efficient LED tubes and have replaced 25% of the shop’s lighting so far. The change is also providing money-saving benefits for Lilliputs as the LED lights use 25W compared to 58W and don’t require ballasts, which are electrical devices which limit the current flow through the tubes. LEDs use 60%-80% less energy than incandescent bulbs so can reduce electricity costs too.

Lilliputs were looking for a cost effective lighting solution which would also help the environment and reduce their electricity bill, without compromising on the quality of light, which is crucial to showcase their products. Theresa Tiso from Lilliputs explains, “We have found that the cost of buying the LED bulbs is offset by us no longer requiring the electrician to supply and fit ballasts, which used to be a large ongoing expense in addition to replacing the tubes. There’s further cost savings as the lifespan is up to 16 years per LED bulb. “The daylight bulbs we had before gave a slightly dull yellowish hue, whereas the LED daylight bulbs give a bright white light. This benefits items particularly in the cook shop for example, by making stainless steel items look more highly polished.”

Switching to LEDs is the latest eco-friendly change Lilliputs have made as the company already has many environmentally friendly processes in place, including recycling all plastic and cardboard and encouraging customers to use cotton bags or to bring their own carrier bags. The wood pallets from deliveries are also recycled.

lilliputs front of shop from google

Theresa explains, “We are ways looking for ways to improve eco efficiency and we welcome all ideas. Even something as simple as switching lights off and only using the printer when absolutely necessary is helping us to do our bit. We’re going to replace the rest of our lighting with LEDs and we’re also looking for a suitable LED replacements for our emergency light fittings.”

“We sell items to help reduce home energy bills, e.g. thermal curtains and blinds, pure wool rugs and pure down duvets. Our selection of home furnishings is vast, enabling customers to save money and reduce their carbon footprint by shopping locally. Our goods are durable, thus reducing waste and energy costs: for example our beautiful handmade pure wool rugs become family heirlooms.”

The LEDs for this project have been supplied by Lamp Shop Online.

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Published 2014/04/02

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