A guide to Osram LED battens

If you’re looking to light your home in an efficient and flexible way, then opting for Osram LED battens can be an important part of choosing the best lighting solution for your home.

So, whether you’re looking for an attractive under-lighting solution for your kitchen cupboards, under-lighting for cabinets or shelving, or simply want some more functional utility lighting for stairwells, walk-in cleaning cupboards and so on, choosing Osram LED battens can help light your home more appealingly and effectively.

Here is an in-depth guide to how Osram LED battens can provide an amazing array of lighting solutions to light up both domestic and commercial situations.

What are Osram LED battens?

Osram LED batten lights are an ideal replacement for the older style of fluorescent tube lighting, as they’re efficient, long-lasting and easy to replace.

And, by buying Osram’s LED battens, you’re buying into more than a century of lighting design and manufacturing innovation history and expertise from the Munich-based brand. In fact, Osram has applied for more than 15,000 patents during its illustrious history.

What are the LED batten options available from Osram?

There are a number of different LED batten options available to buy from LampShopOnline. These include:

  • Larger four foot LED battens (the most common installation)
  • Two foot LED battens
  • Mini LED battens

The benefits of Osram LED battens

There are a number of benefits of Osram LED battens to consider before you make a final decision on your purchase.

Energy efficiency

The energy efficiency is LED lighting is well established, and Osram’s LED battens are no different. Compared with the more old-fashioned fluorescent style of lighting tube, an Osram LED batten luminaire can provide up to 80% in energy savings, making LED battens cheaper to run and better for the environment.

Long lifespan

As well as being lighter on energy use than fluorescent tubes, Osram LED battens can last up to ten time longer. So, as a direct replacement for fluorescent lighting, Osram LED battens can deliver extremely impressive long-term savings.

More flexible design

As well as being easier on your wallet and the planet, modern LED battens are also smaller and more flexible in shape than older lighting solutions. This means you can create a more subtle, minimalist look, and one that doesn’t come across as too cold or commercial.

Robust lighting solution

Better still, LED battens are impressively tough products, with robust plastic casings. They are also simple to install which makes them inexpensive to have fitted in your home or business.

Considerations to make when choosing Osram LED battens

If you’re considering fitting Osram LED battens into your home or office, there are a few points that you should consider when making your product choices.

What are you going to use the lighting for?

Will it be for a domestic or business installation? Are you looking to install utility or emergency lighting? Or do you want to use LED battens to create an atmospheric, cosy ambience for your home? All of these question will determine the type of LED batten you need as well as the wattage and the colour temperature.

What sort of brightness will you need?

LED battens can come in a range of intensities, from relatively dim (the sort you might want for cupboard areas or as mood lighting) right up to much brighter fittings, perhaps for service corridors or similar.

For example, a 4W LED luminaire will give you an output of around 400 lumens. This is great for underlighting cupboards but less good for lighting a maintenance stairwell in a commercial building. For something like that, you might want a 36W installation, which would pump out a far brighter 4350 lumens.

What colour temperature do you want?

The colour warmth of a light’s output is measured in ‘k’, which stands for kelvin. The higher the figure, the warmer the light will be, and the cosier the overall effect. Therefore, you should think carefully about how warm you want the lighting to be in your specific installation and what the overall effect will be.

Applications of Osram LED battens

With the simplicity, longevity and flexibility that Osram LED battens provide, they can be used in an enormously wide variety of applications.

You can make excellent use of LED battens for functional areas, such as:

  • Shelf lighting
  • Integrated into furniture

Alternatively, smaller, warmer-coloured installations can be used to great effect in kitchens for illuminating worktop surfaces, for attractive display lighting glass-fronted cupboards or for mounting under cabinets.

  • Corridors
  • Stairwells
  • More general use in the living room

You can use them as soft downlighters, integrated lights to give a highlight to a particular piece of furniture, or to focus the eye on a particular feature of a room such as an architrave or fireplace.

Choosing the best Osram LED battens

Below is a detailed selection of some of the best Osram LED options available for you to buy via LampShopOnline.

ProductSizeColour TempLife SpanGuaranteeCost
Osram 4w LED Mini Batten
  • 313mm long
  • 28mm long
  • 36mm long
3000k 30,000 hours 3 Years £9.59 (inc VAT) Buy Now
Osram 20w LED Batten 4ft 4000k 30,000 hours 3 Years £16.18 (inc VAT) Buy Now
Osram 20w LED Batten 4ft 3000k 30,000 hours 3 Years £16.18 (inc VAT) Buy Now
Osram 14w LED Batten 4ft 3000k 30,000 hours 3 Years £16.18 (inc VAT) Buy Now
Osram 14w LED Batten 4ft 3000k 30,000 hours 3 Years £15.36 (inc VAT) Buy Now

To find out more about Osram LED battens, please contact our expert team at LampShopOnline today.

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