Brighten Up Your Outdoor Space with Innovative Lighting Ideas

As it is officially summer, many people are turning away from the indoors and beginning to venture outside, looking to make the most of the longer nights and (hopefully) warmer weather! This means this time of the year is the perfect opportunity to introduce new lighting to whatever outside space you have and luckily, LampShopOnline is here to help.

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Why change your outdoor lighting?

Looking for a little motivation? Here’s some of our top reasons to finally get out there and change your garden lighting:

  • Space- By introducing new lighting, you add a new, inviting space to your home to relax in and enjoy. Use muted lighting to make a calm atmosphere or change it up with different coloured bulbs for more of a party with friends and family.
  • See into your Shed- Very useful but often very chaotic, the shed is an ideal place to renovate during the summer and all you need is a few lights to do it! Some sheds struggle to make use of natural light which makes it difficult to complete tasks and navigate the space, but by adding some Tube lighting or LED Strip lights, you can brighten it up easily and efficiently. This will also make it easier to begin organising, as you can actually see how much space you have to work with.
  • Feature Spot- Accentuating certain features can help you create a sophisticated atmosphere in your garden. For example, smaller LED lights on the edges of a garden path are not only helpful, but also can make a previously bland feature more special.
  • Pond Lighting- If you own a pond, or are thinking about getting one over the summer, then pond lighting is a must. Not only does it prevent any possible injuries or accidents, it can also bring attention to the feature and make it a focal point of the garden.
  • Project- If you are looking for a new project but have exhausted all the renovation possibilities in your home, the garden is a perfect choice at this time of year. Lighting in the garden is something which is still neglected and isn’t easily changed in the winter months.


How to change your lighting:

  • Choose what you want to change. Whether you want to illuminate your flower beds or accent light a tree, planning out where your lights are going to go and what purpose they serve will make choosing lights easier.
  • Pick out which lights will be most appropriate to the project. LED lights are bright, cost effective and long-lasting so are a good choice for most projects, but Fluorescent tube lights are also more environmentally friendly than their incandescent predecessors, and can be used outdoors in enclosed fixtures. Even smaller versions of floodlights may be useful, such as if you were looking for a simple way to light up the outside of a shed.
  • If you are looking for a stylish light feature to fit in you garden, LampShopOnline also have various outdoor lanterns that can do just that!
  • You’re ready to start! Some things prove an easy DIY project, but for some changes you may want to consult a professional. Safety, when dealing with electric lighting, is the most important thing.
  • Now, enjoy your new garden lighting for years to come!

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