Choosing the right colour temperature for LED battens

When selecting the right lighting solution for your home, it is natural for the colour of the lighting to be a primary consideration. LED battens are available in a range of colour temperatures so, when you install new LED battens in your home or replace existing lighting, it is important to understand exactly what the battens are and where they are most suitable to be used.

In this guide, you will learn more about the meaning of the various colour temperatures available when choosing LED battens, how different colours can be used and how to choose the right colour temperature for your home.

What do colour temperatures mean?

The colour temperature of lighting is another way of specifying the shade of light that a lamp or bulb emits. Colour temperature is ranked on the Kelvin scale. As a guide, the colour temperature of candlelight is around 2,000 kelvins (k), while natural sunlight is closer to 6,000k.

Halogen lighting usually has a standard colour temperature of 3,000k, which is a warm white and is a standard colour for many older lighting systems. Fluorescent lights tend to be either warm white or cool white without the nuances between them they you find with LED lighting systems.

LED lighting has a much broader and more flexible range of colour temperatures, allowing you to tailor your LED battens to your personal needs rather than being confined by a restricted range of colour temperatures. The colour temperature you use in a room can have a huge effect on those using it, so it’s important to get it right.

Available LED batten colour temperatures

The three popular colour temperatures available when you choose an LED batten are:

  • Warm white
  • Daylight
  • Cool white

Warm white is on the lower end of the Kelvin scale, producing a more relaxing and ambient shade of light. Cool white is higher on the scale, providing a more energising colour. Daylight is similar to the natural light that you will experience when you are outside during the day and is usually around 6,000k.

Factors to consider when choosing the right colour temperature and LED battens for your home

When selecting the colour temperature of your lighting, it’s important to consider a range of factors to make sure you choose the right LED battens for your home.

Purpose of the lighting

One of the most important factors in your choice of LED batten will be the purpose of the lighting. Is the lighting going to be the primary lighting in the room or used as an occasional light?

If you want to relax in a room or use it to unwind, such as a bedroom, them choosing a warmer white is a good idea because it gives you a cosier and more comfortable feeling. On the other hand, cool whites facilitate better concentration and focus, making cool white LED battens better for kitchens, offices, bathrooms and garages.

Existing lighting and colour temperatures

In addition, you might want to consider any other lighting in the home and the kinds of colour temperatures you already have. You can use the existing colour temperatures as a guide to finding out your preferences for colour temperature.

If you find that you relax better in one room where the colour temperature is warmer, for example, then it is a good idea to replace your old lighting with a similar colour temperature.

Aesthetics and décor of your home

This is another consideration to bear in mind. It is important that any LED battens you install complements your existing décor. This will help to create the perfect environment for you and your family to feel comfortable in.

Applications of different colour temperatures

The colour temperature you choose for your LED battens will depend on how you want to use the lighting.

Warm white

Warm white lighting is perfectly suited to the most relaxing rooms in your home. Bedrooms, dining rooms and lounges greatly benefit from the calming warm light from LED battens. If you’re looking for warm white lighting, look for between 2700k and 3000k.

Cool white

Cool white LED battens are ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and other rooms where high energy and focus are key. These bright lights are perfect for task lighting or lighting required when getting ready in a bathroom, for example.


Daylight white is excellent as a bright and invigorating colour solution. It has the energising properties of the cool white whilst still feeling like you are in a natural environment. It is good to use in rooms such as the study where you want to be able to focus and enjoy being energised as well as lighting that will help you to feel less sleepy.

For an innovative and versatile lighting solution, you can consider using more than one colour in a single room, either to give you the choice depending on your mood or to find the perfect colour combination.

How do colour temperatures for LED battens compare to fluorescent or halogen lighting?

Traditional lighting systems do not usually have a wide range of colour temperatures available. Lights such as halogen lights or fluorescent lighting tend to be available in limited colour choices rather than the wide and varied range of colour temperatures that you find with LED battens. As a general rule, if you previously had a halogen light, it is likely that it was 3,000 on the Kelvin scale, equating to a warm white LED lamp.

Choosing the best LED batten and colour temperature

LED BattensSizeGuaranteeColour TempLifespanCost
Bright Source Twin 65w LED Batten 6ft 5 Years 4000k 50,000 hours £47.99 (inc VAT) Buy Now
Bright Source Twin 65w LED Batten IP65 - c/w Microwave Sensor 6ft 5 Years 4000k 50,000 hours £98.72 (inc VAT) Buy Now
Osram 36w LED IP65 Tri-Proof Fitting 4ft 3 Years 6500k 30,000 hours £40.87 (inc VAT) Buy Now
Sylvania Single 18w LED Batten Fitting 5ft 2 Years 4000k 25,000 hours £21.47 (inc VAT) Buy Now

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