Interview With Reformations UK

Interview with Reformations UK

Craig Anthony from Reformations UK uses lights and glass in novel ways to create his beautiful designs, which are becoming incredibly popular. He combines LED lights with wall art, clocks and more to create products that are visually stunning day or night.

Naturally, we couldn't resist an opportunity to chat to this up-and-coming designer.

Reformations UK Glass Design

LampShopOnline: What inspired you to start creating your designs?

Craig: Glass has been my blank canvas for many years. It was discovering the translucency of some of my earlier pieces that drove me to experiment with lighting my art pieces, particularly my larger ones. They truly come life at night as the varied depth and consistency of the paints gives the glass a unique opacity - embers swell into existence, then vanish, only to be replaced by another hue in another place; the effect is hypnotic.

LampShopOnline: What kind of people do you sell to?

Craig: I sell to people all over the world from all walks of life and that is how I like to keep things. I like to make my art affordable to everyone which is why I have a range of smaller items with prices to suit all. I will soon be selling my designs as digital downloads and the possibilities of using my designs on other mediums such as wall paper, fabric, card etc. is all very exciting.

LampShopOnline: How do you go about making these beautiful designs?

Craig: I purchase glass which is cut to size and once it has been prepared I set about making a unique piece of art. I use many different paints to achieve these effects and I also encourage chemical reactions within the paints using chemicals such as peroxide, sodium chloride, ethanol and a few more. Once dried I encapsulate the finished piece in a coat of professional resin which ensures the longevity of the works for centuries to come.

LampShopOnline: Independent designers are becoming increasingly popular, how would you advise somebody starting out?

Craig: My advice to anyone else starting out in a similar line of work would be to try to be as unique as possible. There are so many people making the same things. It's much easier to stand out from the crowd this way. Perseverance and persistence are key. Gather some fantastic photographs of your pieces as these set the precedent of your pricing structure. Having these images in your online portfolio or website is imperative.

LampShopOnline: What is your most popular piece?

Craig: My top selling and most popular items are my 3ft wide circular glass, abstract wall clocks. These feature ambient backlighting via a low watt LEDs system. They are breath-taking by day and mind blowing at night.

See for yourself here at the Reformations site. Keep your eyes peeled for the brand new site coming soon.

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Published 2015/12/16

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