How To Throw The Ultimate Black Light Party

What is a black light party?

Black light lamps, otherwise known as ultraviolet lamps, filter out all other visible light so only long wave UV lights are emitted. Put a black light in a dark room and illuminate it with fluorescent items, and the result is truly stunning.

Used in nightclubs and festivals, you can recreate this effect at home and host your own black light party. All you need is your own black light and stock up on fluorescent gear. Lamp Shop Online has a range of black light fluorescent tubes for home use, which can be used with a standard fluorescent tube fitting.

Black light and UV parties are ideal whether you're a student, parent or even want to give your wedding reception a twist. Halloween parties can also get a spooky feel with this theme.

To show you how to get started, we teamed up with a host of black light party experts to give you their top tips and show you their best products to make your party spectacular.


Body Painting

If you want your party to be a little on the wild side, why not try body painting with fluorescent paint? This activity is best suited for adults, although an adult with artistic skills should be able to help children with face painting.

Nicotine Body Painters from BodyFactory International Body Painting Festival give you their top tips for effective body painting:

1. Never use acrylic paint on the skin. Only use face and body specifically made for use on the skin

2. Remove paint with tepid water and a mild soap, do not use baby wipes or any kind of makeup remover

3. Q-Tip cotton swabs make great applicators for 'dots'

4. Try hand and finger printing for that 'personal' touch

Social media sites such as Pinterest and Instagram can provide inspiration for designs, as well as popular music videos.


The possibilities are endless for decorating for a black light party. Creative types can make their own decorations using neon paper and glow wire. This is especially effective for Halloween parties where you want to spook your guests in the dark.

The Glow Company also recommends using a bubble machine with UV bubble fluid to add an extra element of fun.



For student or children's parties, designs and patterns such as hearts, flowers and stars will create a dramatic appearance in UV paint. The Glow Company's makeup range is great for creating these small effects. Jenny from The Glow Company says: "Most cosmetic products classed as 'neon' will glow under black light, but anything that is 'glow in the dark' or 'UV reactive' will fluoresce under black light".

For bigger parties or functions, makeup can be a big feature of the night. Setting up a face painting stand or having a masquerade theme using UV makeup will guarantee your guests something a little more out of the ordinary.

Entertainment specialists at Scarlett Entertainment give us their top tips for makeup at a UV black light party:

  1. Use top quality UV paint for the best effect as you get what you pay for! Best brands are: Wolfe, Cameleon and Diamond FX
  2. When applying do so under a UV black light as it will give you an idea of what the final results will look like. UV face paint looks completely different in daylight so what is ordinary becomes extraordinary under backlight!
  3. Simple designs work best, like geometric shapes and tribal patterns BUT you can get really intricate and complicated designs that look amazing if done by a professional artist!
  4. Also note that you'll need a good photographer to capture the UV face paint in all its glory! Or at least a camera with a backlight setting otherwise the images will just come out blurry.
uv dance show

Image Credit: Scarlett Entertainment


Alongside your face and body painting stands, you can offer your guests an array of accessories to borrow for the night. If any shy guests don't want to be painted, this is also a good opportunity for them to still join in the fun. We've chosen three top accessories to equip your guests with for the party:

Neon Glasses

Stylish and vibrant, with these glasses you can recreate looks seen in music videos and raves alike.

Neon Belts

A simple but effective accessory, neon belts can transform a black dress or shirt into a stylish UV party outfit. Wear multiple belts for maximum impact.

Glow Bracelets

Glow bracelets are incredibly versatile. Their luminescence can show with or without the presence of UV lighting and they can also be used in decorations.


You want your party to be a fun affair, but you also want your guests to come away from it without having encountered any accidents. Be sure the room is removed of any tripping hazards, and that decorations are placed in safe places.

In case of emergencies, make sure there is a 'proper' source of light at hand that can be switched on quickly, and that the other rooms in the house are well lit.

Have fun!

Once you're all set with your black light and party gear, all that remains is to invite your guests, stock up on drinks and food, and have a good time!

Please note: the information in this article is provided as a guide only. We strongly recommend speaking to an electrician before attempting any electrical work yourself. Any links included in this article are for information purposes only and Lamp Shop Online does not endorse the websites linked to.

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Published 2015/10/27

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