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How the Right Retail Lighting Can Boost Your Sales

Key Points

For a customer, going shopping simply involves knowing what you want to buy, heading to the appropriate shop, choosing an item and then paying for it. From the retailer's side, however, there is a wealth of psychology behind facilitating this process for the customer. Aside from carrying the right stock, the retailer needs to consider every step of the customer's journey to ensure that it ends up in a sale. Lighting plays a huge part in this process, as you will see from this page:

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What needs to be in place behind the scenes

When designing the layout of a shop there are a number of considerations that need to be taken into account, the main points being:

  • Atmosphere - The store needs to entice the customer in from the street so creating the right atmosphere is essential. Lighting is key to creating the right ambience for a store, from luring the customer in to putting them in the mood to shop once inside.
  • Decor- The overall look of a shop immediately gives the customer a feel for the type of products that are on sale there, so it is imperative that the look of the store represents the stock that it is selling. A store that looks like it has been designed with consideration automatically feels more luxurious than a basic 'unit', and customers are likely to spend accordingly.
  • Functionality - Once the customer is in the shop the aim is to ensure that they don't leave empty handed. The design must consider whether the shop layout is easy to navigate and whether the path through the store enables the customer to access all of the stock, and ultimately the cash point.
retail lighting

The importance of lighting

Of all the elements for creating the perfect shopping experience, lighting is possibly the most important area for consideration, as good lighting can bring a space to life, even if the other areas aren't quite up to scratch. Lighting quite literally sets the scene for the store, and can be used to highlight, and indeed hide, different areas of the store. If the décor is a bit shabby, good lighting can distract, whereas if there is a particular area that needs focusing on, such as a display, lighting draws the customer to it.

How lighting can increase sales

It has been proven that bright lighting encourages shoppers to make quick decisions over their purchases and get out of the shop quickly. This works really well in fashion stores such as H&M and Primark where a customer will quickly select an armful of items, and due to their low price, will not spend time deliberating over whether to buy them. On the other end of the scale, the bright lighting technique also works well in electrical stores where prices are considerably higher. The fluorescent light highlights the products, making it easier for shoppers to compare products, but at the same time, it doesn't encourage customers to deliberate for a long time over their purchases.

Retail lighting

Low lighting – A turn on or turn off?

Where bright lighting promotes speedy shopping, dimmer lighting encourages shoppers to take their time. As a result, high fashion stores are rarely brightly lit, so their customers can linger over their browsing, selecting different items to try on and possibly even going back for a second selection. Fitting rooms are also tactfully dim, to highlight clothes to their best advantage and distract from any 'wobbly bits'. Fashion chains such as Hollister are famous for their dark stores, which have been designed to give a club feel. Aimed at the teen market, the chain has a huge following, although the dark lighting is often one of the first thoughts that spring to mind when the brand is mentioned, and not always in a positive way. So much so, that Facebook accounts have been created under the names 'Hollister, Please Turn Your Lights On', and 'Welcome to Hollister, like a torch?'

Department stores have the challenge of displaying multiple products to their best advantage under the same lighting. A recent study revealed that customers preferred warm lighting and moderate brightness, around 3,000k - 4,000k, so in these instances a 'one size fits all' approach is used.

Attention to detail

Certain products can be further highlighted with tactical spotlighting, using display cabinets to feature and individually light certain products. Expensive items such as jewellery need to stand out in a large store environment and this is where LED lighting comes into its own, as it's the best way to replicate daylight. Diamonds and gems are best showcased in natural daylight, as it defines the cut and allows the colours to shine with the utmost clarity, lighting that is the same temperature as daylight is the best choice for a jewellery display.

Retail lighting

Energy saving to boost your bottom line

Fitting LED lighting into your retail store can help to reduce your expenditure as a single LED spotlight costs around £1.46 in electricity each year compared to a halogen spotlight which costs £10.43 a year in electricity! When you consider how many spotlights a shop has, you can soon start to see that investing in LEDs could save a significant amount of money. Large retailers such as Debenhams are now fitting LED lights in their stores and Meadowhall, the largest shopping centre in Yorkshire, will be the first shopping centre in the UK to have LED lights fitted throughout the mall area.

You could save further money on your store's lighting bill by using a timer on your lights so your window lights can stay on all night and you can have the peace of mind that the lights inside your shop are switched off at home time.

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