Financial Help for Businesses That Choose Energy Saving Lighting

Since 2012, LampShopOnline has been offering to help companies benefit from buying energy saving lighting, by helping customers take advantage of a Government-run tax relief scheme, and a financial scheme that can help reduce the initial purchasing costs of energy efficient lighting. As lighting can take up 40% of a building’s electrical costs, these schemes are ones we feel passionate about as they can really save people money and help the planet.

What are these schemes?

Tax Relief

Enhanced Capital Allowances, or ECA’s, are a government initiative to help companies invest in energy-saving machinery and products that would otherwise be too expensive. In the first year of allowances, it is possible to write off the total costs of the assets against taxable profits in the year of purchase. This can be done for any lighting product that meets the Energy Technology Criteria List.

Government estimates suggest that, for a space with 40 LEDs, a potential saving of £547 per year can be made, which saves 3.2 tonnes of CO2.

Staggering Initial Payments

Energy Efficient Financing, offered by the Carbon Trust through Siemens, is a scheme which aims to help companies with energy saving projects, for example those switching their lighting to be more efficient and environmentally friendly. The scheme does this for any amounts from £1000 upwards and has many extra benefits such as fixed payments that are not effected by interest rates.

How can LampShopOnline help?

Tax Relief- We can recommend and confirm which products are available through the scheme, helping you make the best choice for your business.

Staggering Initial Payments- We offer help filing out all the forms for applying to the scheme and can advise on options for possible lighting changes.

LampShopOnline also offer site surveys to show you how much your company could save from both these schemes and in general from switching to energy saving light bulbs, and to offer recommendations on what and how much lighting would be suitable for your business.

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Published 2015/07/01

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