Emergency LED battens: What are they and where can they be used?

Emergency lighting is required in a wide variety of settings. Afterall, ensuring that you can safely move around or leave a building in the event that the emergency services have to cut the power to the building.

When it comes to safety matters such as these, quality and reliability is everything. However, emergencies are not daily occurrences, so you may know what they are or what the best type for your needs is, it’s important to choose an emergency lighting system that is as cost-effective as it is safe.

What are emergency LED battens?

LED battens are an alternative to the traditional batten luminaires commonly used in emergency lighting systems. Rather than use fluorescent tubes, LED battens utilise powerful, yet energy-efficient light-emitting diodes to illuminate passageways and guide people safely to exits.

Why are emergency LED battens important?

For almost all buildings, an emergency lighting system is necessary for the safety of the people who work there. Overhead emergency battens can play a key part in any emergency lighting solution – especially for large buildings such as warehouses and public spaces. They can be easily fitted with a wide range of options available.

What are the benefits of installing emergency LED battens?

LED battens have a range of advantages over traditional batten luminaires, both in terms of value and safety.

Exceptional durability and long life

Critically, emergency LED battens have exceptional durability and a long life. Once fitted, they can last for around ten years with minimal maintenance. This distinguishes them from often-temperamental fluorescent tubes, which can be more sensitive to environmental factors.

The comparatively limited amount of wiring and electrics in LED battens means that they can cope with reasonable dust and water ingress. In particular, consider lights with an IP65 rating, as these are tough and resistant. This is helpful when emergency lighting is fitted in an industrial unit or warehouse.

Energy efficient

Emergency LED lights are also highly energy-efficient, meaning that they provide excellent value both upfront and over the life of the product. LED battens can often produce up to 100 lumens per watt. This is far in excess of traditional battens, meaning less money spent on providing the same level of lighting.

High quality lighting

LED batten lighting does not just provide a brighter light, it is also much less harsh on the eyes. The beam angle they produce is much lower (sometimes even up to half) than that produced by a fluorescent tube – this means there is less strain on the eyes. In addition, they produce a warmer colour temperature which is far more pleasant than the intense white glare of fluorescent light strips.


Of course, the most important aspect when considering investing in emergency lighting is safety. In the event that the power supply is lost to a particular location such as an office, public building or even in your home, LED lighting will activate automatically, indicating the way to the emergency exits of the building. The elevated position of LED battens means that they can illuminate wide pathways, whilst the LED lights ensure clear and consistent light.

Considerations when installing emergency LED battens

Various factors should be taken into account when fitting emergency LED battens.


The most important factor to consider is location – where will the emergency LED battens be installed? Different products will be appropriate for different locations.

One of the most important questions in this regard is whether the battens are to be installed in an environmentally stable indoor setting or in a location with large amounts of smoke, steam, or other pollution. Depending on this, a lighting solution that has an appropriate balance between durability, value and efficiency can be found.

Size of the fixture

Another factor to consider is the size of the fixture required. Emergency LED battens are available in 4ft, 5ft and 6ft versions, as well as single and twin battens. The size required will determine the function of the lighting and how it will perform when it is needed.

Ease of installation

Aside from questions of cost and energy efficiency, you should consider the ease of installation and whether the lighting unit will provide enough light output for its intended use.

Choosing the best emergency LED battens

ProductSizeColour TempLifespanGuaranteeCost
Bright Source Emergency Single 23w LED Batten Fitting with PIR Sensor 4ft 4000k 30,000 hours 5 years £67.52 (inc VAT Buy Now
Bright Source Emergency Twin 40w LED Batten fitting with PIR Sensor 4ft 4000k 30,000 hours 5 years £72.12 (inc VAT Buy Now
Bright Source Emergency Twin 65w LED non-corrosive Fitting – PIR Sensor 6ft 4000k 30,000 hours 5 years £86.72 (inc VAT Buy Now
Bright Source Emergency Single 30w LED Non-corrosive IP65 – PIR Sensor 5ft 4000k 50,000 hours 5 years £95.15 (inc VAT Buy Now
Emergency Single T8 Ready Batten Fitting 5ft 4000k 50,000 hours 5 years £85.40 (inc VAT Buy Now

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