Better Bathroom Lighting

Key Points

The bathroom often gets the least amount of attention when it comes to lighting. Many take a one-fits-all approach, using only a singular light for the whole room. However, it’s one of the places that could benefit the most from a lighting makeover to transform it to a relaxing haven with these 5 quick tips:

  1. Layering
  2. Ambient
  3. Task
  4. Accent
  5. Dimmers
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1) Layering

Just like a living room or kitchen, bathroom lighting is split into three areas: Task, Ambient and Accent. Each has a specific purpose which is detailed below, and bringing these together will create a more stylish and practical room. Decorative lighting can be brought into any of these areas to add more style to your lighting.

2) Ambient

Sometimes called ‘filler’ light, this prevents any dark shadows in the bathroom, which makes it easier to navigate, and look bigger as there are no oppressive shadows lowering the ceiling. This lighting creates a basis for the rest of the lighting in the room, and is commonly achieved through strategic recessed LED down-lighting as these are unobtrusive but give off a wide coverage of light. The colour temperature is also an important consideration as warmer tones create a cosier space, whereas blues can bring a modern twist, so it’s down to personal taste and design.

3) Task

As the name suggests, this is lighting that helps you do the ordinary tasks such as shaving, brushing teeth, or applying make-up, which in bathrooms normally centres around a mirror. We recommend either a mirror with in-built lights, or putting lights either side of the mirror at eye level as this casts an even amount of light across your face. Lights above the mirror often fall directly onto your forehead and create shadows on the face, which are not only unflattering but also are not practical. For task lighting, we recommend compact fluorescent bulbs as these give off a crisp white light at a low wattage, perfect for clear visibility.

4) Accent

Whatever features you have in your bathroom, you can draw attention to them via accent lighting. This can be achieved via an LED spotlight or ribbon lighting, but is ultimately dependent on where the feature is. This adds a nice new layer to the lighting of the room but is not vital to complete the room if there is limited space.

5) Dimmers

Adding dimmers into your bathroom is a great way to change the light to suit your needs. It can help you wake-up in a morning by gradually lightening the room or help you wind down by doing the opposite. Also, as we grow older, the amount of light we need to see changes, and so dimmers are a way of making sure everyone has the right amount of light they need. This also saves energy as the lights are not on full intensity all the time. You can find out more about dimmable light bulbs on our FAQs page.

Balancing your lighting is really important to create a welcoming, relaxing space. However, the most important factor when changing your bathroom lighting is safety. Water and electricity can be a deadly mix and so make sure you are getting the correct light fittings and features that will be safe wherever they are in the room. Checking the IP rating of lights is a good start, but if you are unsure, ask! We also recommend seeking professional assistance when installing the lights.

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