LED batten ceiling lights: uses, considerations and benefits

LED battens are versatile lights that can be used on ceilings as a way to significantly improve the brightness of a room. They are an extremely popular solution in homes as well as being useful for a range of other applications, such as schools and commercial buildings.

When choosing an LED lighting solutions, its essential to understand the relevant considerations to take into account as well as the uses and benefits of LED battens, in order to make an informed choice.

What are ceiling LED battens?

Ceiling LED battens are tube-shaped LED lights with a fitting that fixes to the ceiling to provide exceptionally bright lighting. In essence, they are the modern equivalent of fluorescent tube lights, but with several major benefits compared to older lighting solutions, such as a lack of toxic chemicals. Depending on the brightness required in a room, they can be purchased either with a single tube or double tube design.

LED battens can be used in kitchens, garages, hallways and many other settings. They are straightforward, simple to fix to the ceiling and are ideally suited to replacing old fluorescent tube lights, especially as their LED technology makes them chemical-free and very safe.

The benefits of installing ceiling LED battens

There are a vast range of benefits when installing LED batten lights in your home.

Cost-effective lighting

One of the major benefits of LED battens is that they are cost-effective due to their long lifespan. As a result, they need replacing less frequently than many other forms of lighting. This also makes them hassle-free and means that maintenance required is minimal.

Easy to install

As they can be surface mounted on the ceiling, LED battens are very easy to install and you do not need any specialist skills to be able to mount them. This makes it simple and quick and avoids any complexities or extra costs.

Range of options available

LED battens will suit a variety of tastes and needs thanks to the various colour temperature options available. Even though they offer excellent brightness levels, they are also dimmable for situations when lower levels of light are required.

This makes them extremely flexible and allows you to tailor your ceiling lighting to your needs. They also switch on instantly, so there is no waiting as you may have experienced in the past with fluorescent tube lighting.

Energy efficient

LED battens are also very energy efficient. So, when using them ceiling lighting, reduced energy consumption will not only help to save on energy costs but is also beneficial for the environment, potentially reducing your carbon footprint. Crucially, they are extremely safe and non-toxic, which might be a vital consideration for your home and in the disposal of the lighting.

Considerations to make when installing ceiling LED battens

When choosing ceiling LED battens, there are a few considerations that are important to take into account.

Type of lighting required

Firstly, consider the type of lighting you require, such as ambient, task or accent lighting, and whether you require a single or double tube fitting to meet your needs. As many LED battens are dimmable, they may be suitable for a variety of uses, but the reason you require them may influence the part of the ceiling in which you place the light fitting.


It is also essential to bear in mind the rooms in which you are planning to install the lights and how much light is required to maximise their functionality. For example, a kitchen or classroom may need to be very bright, whereas a den or hallway may need to be dimmer.

Existing décor

To optimise the room’s aesthetics, consider the existing décor and lighting solutions in the room and where to install the stylish, modern LED tubes. Lastly, an important consideration is to identify any existing lighting solutions which need to be replaced, such as fluorescent lights.

Applications of ceiling LED battens

Ceiling LED battens are extremely flexible in their usage and can be used in a variety of applications. They are fantastic in kitchens, especially to replace existing fluorescent tubes. The LED battens are often praised for their sophisticated light and stylish slim design, so they are perfect in kitchens. They can also be used to illuminate garages, bathrooms and hallways.

Choosing the best ceiling LED battens

There is a such a wide range of ceiling battens available that it might be overwhelming and daunting to decide on the best one for you. When you have taken all of your considerations into account and your are ready to choose the perfect ceiling LED batten for your home, here are some of the choices you can select from:

ProductColour TempLifespanWarrantyCost
Sylvania 2ft Single 8w LED batten fitting 4000k 25,000 hours 5 years £14.08 (inc VAT) Buy Now
Sylvania 2ft Twin 8w LED batten fitting 4000k 25,000 hours 5 years £20.05 (inc VAT) Buy Now
Sylvania 4ft Twin 8w LED batten fitting 4000k 25,000 hours 5 years £17.24 (inc VAT) Buy Now
Bright Source 4ft Single 24w LED batten IP65 4000k 50,000 hours 5 years £83.84 (inc VAT) Buy Now
Bright Source 5ft Twin 72w LED batten IP65 4000k 50,000 hours 5 years £92.39 (inc VAT) Buy Now
Powermaster 4ft Twin 36w LED batten fitting – IP20 4000k 25,000 hours 2 years £18.46 (inc VAT) Buy Now

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