3 Top Tips for Office Lighting

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Day to day, most people probably don't give much thought to the lighting in their offices but without it, working comfortably would be pretty difficult, particularly this time of year. Poor lighting can cause eyestrain, headaches and even decrease morale in the office so lighting an office correctly is vital to the health and productiveness of your team.

Below are three simple steps you can try to ensure your office has suitable lighting.

Avoid glare

Working in the direct glare of overhead or desk lighting can be dazzling and actually make issues such as headaches worse. Most offices use fluorescent tubes as their main light source and these tubes can create glare so ensure you fit light dispersers, which are often mirrored, to distribute the light more evenly. Fitting filters or dispersers to lights can also help to control the amount of glare on monitor screens. Any lamps which are used locally, such as task lamps for desks, should have a lampshade and be positioned so they are above the user's eye line rather than directly in front of them.

Spotlighting tasks

Adjustable desk lamps (with shades as above) give staff members the ability to control their own lighting which is vital when performing detailed tasks. In fact, providing staff with control of their own lighting can decrease stress and increase job satisfaction. Adjustable lamps are important as they can be moved into positions which can eliminate annoying shadows and glare and be positioned to light particular tasks.

Don't forget outside areas

Insufficient lighting in corridors and outside the building can be hazardous, especially during winter. Automatic lighting which is activated when people are detected in certain areas is a great way to ensure areas are lit correctly, without wasting money on lighting areas which aren't constantly in use. For car parks and entrances, LED floodlights are a cost effective way to keep areas lit so people can park and enter/exit the premises safely.

If you're unsure about which lighting is right for your office, talk to our team today on 0113 887 6270.

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Published 2014/01/02

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