The Low Down on LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights, otherwise known as ribbon lights, are flexible strips with LEDs attached and an adhesive backing for application.  Their recent boom in popularity mean many modern homes and businesses are now using them for primary, task, and accent lighting in a variety of places and in increasingly creative ways.  With this in mind, here's LampShop's quick guide to LED strip lights.

How do they work? 

These lights work via a flexible circuit board with LEDs soldered onto them.  At LampShop, we use SMD3528 LEDs, which have 60 ultra bright, individual LEDs per metre.  These low wattage strips then need a 12V driver to convert the mains power voltage, otherwise you can run the risk of overloading the light.

LED strip lights are usually cuttable and, although this can be achieved via kitchen scissors in some circumstances, as they are waterproof you would need to reseal them with a glue gun.  Alternatively, you can ask us to cut the light to whatever length you require and cut out the hassle!

The best thing about LED strip lights is that they have an adhesive back for easy application wherever you need them, meaning they are very quick and flexible to use.

What does SMD3528 mean?

SMD= Surfaced Mounted Diodes, which are chips that are a way to package LEDS.

3528= This simply means the chips are 3.5mmx 2.8mm, providing a smooth and bright effect of 300-360 lumens per metre.

Where can they be used?

The answer is pretty much anywhere!  Due to their waterproof nature, these lights can even be used in the kitchen or bathroom.  However, these lights are not designed for permeant submersion so if you are unsure whether it is safe to install the lights in a certain area, call or email LampShop, and we will be able to advise you further.

Popular applications include:

  • Under Cupboard lighting, to illuminate your surfaces without pesky shadows-
  • On Outside Decking, to make garden parties even more magical-
  • Stairways, because it combines safety and style-
  • Ceiling edges, because even if you don't have any features in your home, that doesn't mean you can't create them!-
  • Behind a bar area, because expensive bottles deserve to be lit prettily-
  • But this nowhere near their full potential.  My personal favourite, unusual application for LED strip lights is:
    • A Jellyfish costume, to take the party with you, wherever you go-

    Benefits of LED Strip Lights:

    LED Benefits:

    All LEDs have similar benefits and strip lights are no exception.  As they require less energy for the same brightness and have a really long life-span, LEDs are eco-friendly and wallet-friendly too!

    Great Design:

    Being both thin and narrow, these lights are brilliantly unobtrusive and can be applied almost anywhere.  The light they emit can either become a new feature to draw the eye, or can simply extenuate the features already there.


    Corners have always been a difficult thing when it comes to lighting.  Either they are permanently shadowy, even though the rest of the lighting is perfect, or they make fitting lighting difficult with traditional bulbs.  However, strip lighting can solve this problem, as it can bend with the corner, meaning they are a lot more versatile than ordinary bulbs.


    At LampShopOnline, you can get water-proof LED strip lights, which means you can use them to light places in the kitchen and in bathrooms, which can add another layer of style into the lighting.  This also means you can have the lighting colour match the room's style, something that may not of been previously achievable.

    Bespoke Measurements from LSO:

    If you are looking for a specific measurement of strip lighting, we can offer a solution, as we can manufacture the ribbon to the exact measurements you want, and can ensure the ribbon is fully operational and ready to plug in or wire direct to the mains.

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