A-Z of Lighting: Part 4

It's our penultimate part of A-Z of lighting, so it's only right we go from P to T.

P is for


A thing becoming increasingly popular with people like renters who can't simply put new fixtures into their home or flat are plug-in light sources, which can range in style from pendants to scones.  Their versatility and removability make them the perfect way to put a personal spin into a rented home.


Pendants are a specific type of fixture designed to hang from the ceiling, and often have decorative styles. These are popular in restaurants as a way of making sure each table is illuminated, but can be used almost anywhere.


Light Painting uses a light source and a long-exposure camera to create amazing designs.  The only tricky bit is there's no way of knowing how the painting is going to look until the end, which makes some of these designs even more fascinating!

tumblr_mvhtrlpByh1rte5gyo6_r1_1280 Darren-Pearson-Light-Painting-20

Q is for


Halogen bulbs are nearly always made out of quartz (fused silica), or other high-melting-point glass, as they need to be strong enough not to melt.  This also means the gas in the bulb can be higher pressure.

halogen-lamp-1 A Halogen bulb using Quartz

R is for

Ribbon Lighting-

LED Ribbon lights, or Strip Lights, are LEDs put onto a flexible adhesive strip which makes them very versatile for uses both inside and out, and they can come in a range of different colours.

Recessed Lights-

This is a light fixture that is installed into a hollow opening in the ceiling.  Other names are downlight, can light (US) or pot light (Canada).  Their popularity is partly because of their unobtrusive nature and the fact that they can spread light very easily.


S is for


A scone light is a light fixture which is fixed to the wall so only the wall is used for support, without any base on the ground.  They are usually pointed upwards to provide uplighting onto the ceiling which makes the room look bigger.


This is a type of energy derived from natural sunlight which can be used to produce both heat and light.


This refers to the light spectrum which is part of the wider electromagnetic spectrum.  Visible light is made up of different colour wavelengths which combine to make white light.

todd-sconce-a Wall-mounted sconces

T is for

Task Lights-

The third and final layer of lighting, task lighting is to help illuminate certain areas such as desks or kitchen counters where you need a higher amount of light.


These transform the high voltage of the mains to the lower voltage needed in the lamp.  They also restrict any high spikes in voltage which prevents any accidents.

33e73417_7ef3_49f0_b8fa_a060010ab969_508x800__19534.1397645684.800.800 A desk light is a necessary task light while working, whether in a home office or workplace

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