A-Z of Lighting: Part 2

This week it's Part 2 of our A-Z of Lighting!  This time we're going from F to J:

F is for


A fluorescent light is a tube that uses gas and mercury-vapour to create UV light.  This causes the phosphor coating to glow, producing light.  This is much more efficient than an incandescent, but does use mercury which can be dangerous.  They are sub-divided into T ratings, which correspond to the diameter of the tube.  For example, a T5 is a tube which is 5/8th of an inch in diameter and a T8 would be 8/8's of an inch in diameter.


A filament is the conducting wire or thread which is made luminous by the electric current.  Early versions were made from carbon but now tungsten is often used.

fluorescent_t5_tube_64931.1294831722.800.800_93756.1362748880.800.800_66109__01433.1382698787.220.220 An example of a T5 tube

G is for

Gear Tray

Gear Tray basically holds all the components, such as a starter and ballast, together, instead of having individual pieces, so they can easily be fitted.

Gear_Trays_Single__71862.1363883435.220.220 A T8 High Frequency Gear Tray

H is for


These work the same as incandescents but have a small amount of halogen added which redeposits the evaporated tungsten onto the filament, lengthening the life of the bulb.

1__92187.1382959715.220.220 A GE GU10 Halogen bulb

I is for


This is an electric light which produces light through passing an electric light through a filament which is heated until it glows.  These have now been phased out of use, as they are not an efficient way of producing light, as more energy goes into making heat than making light.


Ignitors provide a slightly higher voltage to a lamp to get over the resistance of the gas in the lamp in order to start the bub.


Essentially this means the same thing as lighting.  It's using light sources for a deliberate practical or aesthetic purpose.

Internet of Things

This is a proposed plan which gives internet connectivity to everyday objects, such as light bulbs, so they can send and receive data.  This technology is already being trialled in retail, such as Target, to send shoppers to deals and their desired products, and could be broadened to things such as street lights.

Gluehlampe_01_KMJ An incandescent bulb

J is for


Everyone loves a good joke and we think the best ones are all lighting related.  So send us your best 'How many - does it take to change a lightbulb?' jokes!

Our favourite?

Q: How many aerospace engineers does it take to change a light bulb?

A: None. It's not rocket science, you know.

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